JOATA is the moniker of Puerto Rican indie pop musician, Jose Oyola. Based in Brooklyn and originally from New Haven, Oyola blends hip hop and indie rock with Caribbean rhythms and writes anthemic bilingual songs about love, outer space and the homesickness of being part of the Puerto Rican diaspora.

3 O'Clock Losers

“Losers” is in the name, but don’t be fooled. Put these guys together and you’ve got yourself some hot indie rock that you can study to or shout along to in the car. Three O’Clock Losers is a Connecticut born band who started their journey jamming out alone, and have now turned their once casual hobby into a talented group that’s the perfect recipe for a batch of bops. Take a dash of our drummer Austin, a man who can generate a beat that makes you tap your foot and nod your head, as well as drum out a fill that’ll make you want to bounce around like it’s your last show. Now how about a pinch of lead guitarist and backing vocalist Mike, his sweet solos can melt your face, make you shed a tear, or both. Next, a sprinkle of bassist Ryan, 3OL’s groove that compliments our beats, backs up our vocals, and makes the air around the audience full and satisfying. Last but not least, a spoonful of lead vocalist Natalie, a gal with passion, a sweet and spicy tone, and an attitude to boot. Together, these musicians work to make enjoyable music for those who need a little something to help them groove.

Ashley Hamel

Ashley Hamel is a singer-songwriter, improviser, and "wizard rocker" based out of Connecticut. Her energetic live show combines her powerful pop vocals and rhythm guitar with strong songwriting and an infectious stage presence. A traveler at heart, she has played showcases in Indonesia, Malaysia, Ecuador, and Colombia. Her first full-length album, "WZRD" (released January 2019) is a Harry Potter-themed concept album full of heart and a bit of a wink.

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