The Mooney Suzuki

The Mooney Suzuki

The Realistics

In February 2019, the Realistics played their first show in 15 years —

In the early 2000s, The Realistics were everywhere. In Levi’s ads, on the cover of Fader Magazine, on stage with Joe Strummer and The Buzzcocks, on the road with Blondie, The Strokes, Peter, Bjorn & John. They toured endlessly, spreading the gospel of high-energy rock and roll, leaving legions of fans and newly forming bands in their wake.

The Realistics’ signature swagger, infectious songs and bombastic performances were instrumental in reviving NYC’s reputation as a hotbed of new and exciting music. Their Mercury Lounge shows with Longwave, The Mooney Suzuki, French Kicks, The National and a burgeoning young band called The Strokes are the stuff of legend.

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