Over the last two decades, P.O.D. (Payable On Death) has sold over 12 million albums (including 2001’s triple platinum record Satellite), garnered four No. 1 music videos, three Grammy nominations and over a dozen rock radio hits, including “Southtown,” "Boom", “Alive,” “Youth of the Nation”, "Boom", and “Goodbye For Now.”

Nothing can stop Nonpoint.

The band continues to deliver unique, uncompromising, and undeniable hard rock on its self-titled ninth studio album and first for Razor & Tie. Weathering lineup changes, label shifts, and other trials and tribulations, founding members Elias Soriano [vocals] and Robb Rivera [drums] regrouped with fresh blood—Dave Lizzio [guitar], Adam Wolosyzn [bass], and Rasheed Thomas [guitar]—and captured pure fire this time around. Now, you might just get burned if you're in their way…

In the spring of 2011, Nonpoint experienced something of a rebirth. After touring heavily behind Miracle, they underwent a creative overhaul with the addition of Lizzio, Wolosyzn, and Thomas. At the same time, Rivera stresses that preserving the outfit's initial integrity proved paramount to songwriting.

"Basically, we wanted to go back to where we came from," he affirms. "Take our first four albums, throw them in a blender, and this is what you get. Elias wrote some of his deepest lyrics and spit rage in the booth. When it came to the guitars, Dave and Rasheed brought in genuine technical talent. It's old school with some new flavors."

Soriano adds, "We wanted this record to be a punch in the face. Dealing with lawyers and losing members, the last year was obviously very difficult. I also had just become a father around the same time. There was a lot of stuff I wanted to artistically vent about."

In order to transfer that energy to tape, they enlisted the talents of Grammy Award-nominated producer Johnny K [Disturbed, Staind, Megadeth] for the first time. They holed up in his Groovemaster Recording Studios in February 2012 and emerged with 12 of the most raw and real songs of their 15-year career. Johnny pushed them to expand their patented sound, while simultaneously sticking to their guns.

"He challenged each of us instrumentally," Rivera elaborates. "He brought out anger and angst that we haven't felt in a long time. We're known as a live act, and he paid attention to that fact. We built this on the road. This record sounds like war coming out of the speakers."

The first single "Left For You" slides from an intense riff into a hypnotic verse punctuated by an infectious chorus. Produced and mixed by Brian Virtue [30 Seconds to Mars, Chevelle] in Nashville, it's immediately explosive. Lyrically, the singer doesn't hold anything back either.

"It's about that moment where being discreet or cordial gets thrown out the window," he reveals. "You realize you're fighting for a relationship—whether it's romantic, business, or social—that you don't really want anymore. You say fuck it and never revisit that friendship again."

Nonpoint opened up the floodgates to the album by unleashing one of its heaviest tracks, "I Said It," as a free download their Facebook page in the summer of 2012. The fans responded with overwhelming enthusiasm, welcoming the onslaught. Showcasing dynamic vocal delivery and a groove-driven stomp, it's perfect for the pit.

"We set the DNA of the record with that song," the vocalist smiles. "It's very aggressive and in-your-face. You can think of it as 'Bullet with a Name 2012'. It's a good old fashioned Nonpoint song you can bang in the gym." As a whole, the album feels like a declaration for the band. They've never given up, and it's not even an option. This is who they are, and they're making music which reflects their spirit.

"It's a fresh start for us," Soriano states. "We felt like having a self-titled record says it all. We hit the reset button, and there's life again. You can hear it musically. We're not going anywhere."

In addition, they remain one of the most consistent and incendiary live acts on the scene. Having shared the stage with everyone from Sevendust and Stone Sour to Papa Roach and Buckcherry as well as appearing at festivals such as OZZfest and the UK's Download, each performance stands out as an experience their fan base fervently follows.

The quintet also inked a deal with Razor & Tie in 2011, setting the stage for this next phase. "It was the most natural thing," says Rivera. "They have an incredible team, and they sought us out. We're experienced to begin this chapter together."

Over the course of their nine previous releases, Nonpoint sold over 750,000 albums in North America alone. In addition to fan favorites like "What a Day" and "Circles", their biggest radio hit to date "Bullet With a Name" reached #22 on the Mainstream Rock Charts and was featured in the hit video game WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2007 as well as the 2007 film The Condemned. Meanwhile, their cover of Phil Collins's "In the Air Tonight" was the theme song for the film Miami Vice and hit the Mainstream Rock Charts.

At the end of the day, Rivera wants to give back via the music. "We try to help people through our art," he exclaims. "So many kids have connected to our songs over the years, and they've supported us unconditionally. We fought through so much, and we never gave up. I hope they get a positive message from this album."

Soriano concludes, "It doesn't feel like we have some kind of goal. It feels like we have a purpose, which is to put out hopeful music. When this process started, a fuse got lit. We're not stopping until it all burns." Their flame will only rise higher.

Elias Soriano - Vocals
Robb Rivera - Drums
Dave Lizzio - Guitar
Adam Wolosyzn - Bass
Rasheed Thomas - Guitar

Hyro was embraced early on by Deftones, Wu-Tang Clan, and the Vans Warped Tour alike, earning accolades in tastemaker publications like Kerrang! and airplay on BBC Radio 1, becoming the first artist to ever play three stages at Download Festival UK in the same year, and inspiring a new generation of heavy music enthusiasts and hip-hop heads in equal measure.

n any cultural movement there are leaders and there are followers. But most importantly, there are those uniquely innovative provocateurs that take the familiar, turn it upside down, and burn it with new creative fire.

Like a b-boy mad scientist smashing the windows of the mainstream with a Molotov cocktail of passion and inspiration, Hyro The Hero takes the fusion of rap and rock and resurrects it. His combustible concoction is one part The Clash, one part Bad Brains, and several doses of reverence for hip-hop relevance. It’s the most punk rock rap and the most hip-hop punk.

The mash-up of rock and rap was pioneered by groups like Run DMC and the Beastie Boys, then fashioned into groundbreaking socio-political firebombs by Rage Against The Machine, before it was co-opted, watered down, and worn out by a slew of no-talent copycats with nothing to say.

His Gangsta Rock, Rock & Roll Gangsta, and Belo Horizonte mixtapes paved the way for what would be a barnstorming debut album that shook the world through social media transmissions, evocative live performances, and a mountain of praise from outlets like Rock Sound, AltPress, Metal Hammer, and Kerrang!, who nominated him as Best International Newcomer. Birth, School, Work, Death was produced by nü-metal co-creator Ross Robinson (Slipknot, Korn, Glassjaw), with instrumental contributions from members of frequent Robinson collaborators At The Drive-In and The Blood Brothers.

Kerrang! hailed Hyro as a “Houston-born hip-hop prodigy” who “mixes intelligent rhymes with a blistering rock soundtrack.” Revolver hyped the sophistication of Hyro’s hip-hop side while likening some of the album’s moments to the best of Eminem, Rage Against The Machine, and Deftones.

Hyro supported the album with relentless tours and shows with Deftones, Hollywood Undead, All That Remains, 3OH!3, Wu-Tang Clan, Soundwave Festival (Australia), Summer Sonic Festival (Japan), Download (UK), and the Vans Warped Tour.

The years since his first album and his brand new follow-up, his first since signing with Sony Music, were filled with experimentation, renewed focus, and multiple collaborations with rock guitarists, producers, and friends, fine-tuning and streamlining his strongest assets for a new album worthy of the hype of Birth, School, Work, Death and poised to upset the applecart once again. Hyro has no love for the lifeless safety of much of modern rap and rock. He’s insistent that the world’s music fans simply deserve better.

His lyrical missives target the vacuous materialism of the rap world’s biggest pretenders with precision wordplay and heady flows, cutting through the tired narcissism of many hit makers with a celebration of the brash confidence that makes hip-hop so vibrant. Hyro conjures the blood, sweat, and tears of classic punk together with the ambition of arena rock.

Those who underestimate the power of Hyro The Hero do so at their peril.

It has been quite a journey for ISLANDER, who, in just over a year, have gone from obscurity to a band in constant radio rotation. Fueled with a combination of emotionally capturing songs and audience grabbing live shows, ISLANDER continue to lead at the forefront of their peers.

ISLANDER have stayed busy, constantly touring with artists such as Korn, Stone Sour, Papa Roach, P.O.D., Suicide Silence, Seether, Babymetal, Yelawolf, Nothing More and many others. Catch their energetic live show in a city near you!

"These guys just might be the new force in heavy rock"
- Alternative Press

“New school band with old school soul and passion. Keep your eyes and ears open for these guys!” – Sonny Sandoval of P.O.D

“Creativity gets an A+.” – H.R. of BAD BRAINS


Formed in August 2013, Lynchburg, VA brings you the Christian Metal band, “BoughtXBlood” - whose sound carries a fresh, new presence to the Metal scene. That presence, being the message and hope we find in Christ. With lyrics that are upfront in meaning and Gospel engaging, BoughtXBlood seeks to reach others for Christ through the life-changing power of the Gospel. The name, “BoughtXBlood” is a declaration from the band saying, whose we are, and what we are about, “for you were bought with a price. So glorify God in your body” - 1 Corinthians 6:20. Their debut EP “Restoration” was released on November 14, 2014 on iTunes, Google Play, and Spotify. The band's sophomore EP, "Rebirth//Reanimate" released on September 13, 2016 on iTunes, Google Play and Spotify.

$5.00 - $60.00

Tickets Available at the Door


  • Blue Ridge Rock Festival: The Fan Driven Rock & Metal Experience returns for its third year to Central Virginia with its biggest lineup yet! September 7th + 8th at DeVault Vineyards in Concord, Virginia. 
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