Ian Haddock

Ian Haddock

Ian Haddock is an Atlanta-based singer-songwriter. His music consists of fast-paced pop rock jams, soulful and bluesy vibes, and acoustic serenades.

Matt Ryczek

Matt Ryczek is the Athens based acoustic musician who's making a name for himself across the globe. From a total unknown, Matt has built up a solid fan base through his independent song releases on MP3.com, and countless downloads from Kazaa etc.

Born in January 1981 in Atlanta Georgia, an early interest in music was encouraged with piano lessons at age nine. But Matt's interest in guitar only appeared in his senior year at high school, when he was inspired listening to artists such as Jack Johnson and John Mayer.

Ryczek describes his music as "laid-back jazzy pop", and his sound certainly conjures up images of lazy summer afternoons with acoustic rhythms playing overhead. Easy on the ears...

$10.00 - $15.00


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