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Mellow jazz pop artist in Long Beach, California, USA.

An ambitious followup to Cave Clove’s eponymous 2016 full-length studio album, Dollars to Tokens demonstrates a potent formula for why vocalist/songwriter Katie Colver and her band are on a fast track emerging as one of the Bay Area’s most compelling new acts. Dollars to Tokens presents five unflinching chronicles of Colver’s own emotional yet often existential triumphs and struggles. Set to psych-rock infused production brimming with electrifying guitars and a West Coast Americana songwriting sensibility, Colver explores what it means to follow one’s most fervent dreams, while addressing all of the risks and sacrifices that such a journey entails. Set aside some time to delve into these anthemic stunners while Colver and Cave Clove dive to the depths of her idiosyncratic psyche.

"This EP is about the dance between self-actualization and self-sabotage," Cave Clove frontwoman Katie Colver says of her band's new five-song release Dollars to Tokens. "A vigorous impulse to experience things as deeply and fully as possible has haunted me for my whole life. I'm quick to throw myself into the fire, push myself right to the edge of my comfort zone, or beyond, with a goal of becoming stronger. These new songs reflect a sense of recklessness and coming to terms with what’s sacred in this life."

Austin Prince

Oakland native Austin Prince dabbled in music throughout his twenties, developing his singer-songwriter skills in a variety of ways, including fronting the band Brothers Prince, co-writing songs with cousin Josh Taylor for his band half•alive, and collaborating with other songwriters and producers (his first Single “Hard to Bare,” the product of one of these collaborations with Paris-based producer Max Savage). But by the time he was almost 30, he found himself making the rent with a full-time job as an Operations Manager and on a path to a career in the industry of heavy-duty-diesel recycling. Even though he'd proven to himself that he could succeed in the workaday world, music kept calling. So he teamed up with friend and former Brothers Prince manager Kara McCall and decided to take a risk, quit the day job, and devote himself to making it as an artist.
Austin's style blends elements of folk, r&b, and hip-hop, resulting in what Deli Magazine has called "minimalistic pop-meets-soul." His music explores the emotional currents underneath our daily lives, evoking hope and longing in equal parts with a sound that combines the best of Jack Johnson and Frank Ocean.
These days, Austin is fully immersed in his art, splitting his time between writing and recording new songs, busking around the Bay Area, and developing his brand with as a music artist. His second Single "Sadie," was released on December 28th (featured on Spotify’s New Music Friday) and accompanied by a music video directed by Josh Taylor.

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