Three sisters pouring their heart into a sound that echoes from the land around them—that’s the idea behind Spinster, a trio of musicians who produce a gorgeous and slightly skewed take on harmonized art pop. Their work is restrained but filled with a rambunctious energy that courses through its every muscle and tendon. Their music evokes long evenings on front porches with close friends as both familiar discussions and musical notes drift up into the darkening sky.


Sisters Amelia, Rosie and Rachel Graber are the daughters of music teachers. Their mother trained as a classical singer and conductor and their father a folk guitarist and weekend singer/songwriter in St. Paul, Minnesota. The girls grew up begrudgingly packing off to piano lessons and choir practice. Joni Mitchell, Paul Simon, Ella Fitzgerald, Buffy Saint Marie, and other pillars of folk and jazz were stacked on the record player and echoed in the shower and on road trips, and at family reunions around the campfire.  

Later in life, the girls sought out divergent musical journeys and tastes, from the greats of mid-90’s neo-soul and hip hip-hop to girl band grunge. In college, Rosie and Rachel studied opera, jazz theory, classical Hindustani singing and Brazilian and West African percussion. They started learning 80’s and 90’s pop covers with their college roommate and playing out in bars as the FairRamones.

When their grandmother passed away in 2010, Amelia discovered their grandfather’s accordion tucked away in a closet. The accordion had been the stuff of legend; their grandfather had taught himself to play and called barn dances when he was still a young Amishman. Living and teaching in New Orleans and then Chattanooga, TN, Amelia began teaching herself to play. Rosie, then a German teacher in Portland, was gifted a rent-to-own standup bass and began learning from YouTube videos. Rachel, a music teacher in Costa Rica, began picking up the mandolin and banjo and playing in a bluegrass band Gringo Stringo.

The three began getting together on their summers off to teach each other the songs they were learning and to play a few family weddings. When Amelia got pregnant and decided to take maternity leave in 2016, the others jumped on the opportunity to live together in Chattanooga and start a band in earnest.

The result was Spinster - a collaboration 30 years in the making. Spinster blends three-part “blood” harmony with the odd arrangement of instruments, place, and influences collected along their circuitous musical paths. From mash-ups of Blondie and Drake with accordioned lead-guitar solos and toilet-brushed hip-hop beats, to originals ranging from sparse acoustic banjo to pumped-up edgy pop, Spinster crafts an experience that is unusual and addictive, celebratory and pining.        

$8.00 - $12.00


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