Heavy Metal band from Orange County, California (USA).

Stryper formed in 1983. The name “Stryper” is based on Isaiah 53:5. During live concerts Stryper was known to throw Bibles at the audience.

Time Bomb

Current members - Brian Gates, Scott Lesher, Todd Williams, Tas Journey. Past members, Kevin Black, Ben Myers, Randy Klein, Kenny Staller, Mike Crawford, Doug Bream, Bill Fry.

Hanover, PA

In 1987 the band Blitz was formed by Scott Lesher, Ben Myers and Steve Rang. Soon after Brian Gates and Mike Bacon were brought on. In late 1987, Steve Rang and Mike Bacon left . Jan 1988 with a new name and new vocalist Randy Klein, TIME BOMB was born. In Aug 88 Randy Klein left and Kenny Staller was brought in as the new singer. Mar 1989 due to creative differences Kenny Staller left. Mar 89 Kevin Black was brought on as the new singer along with Mike Crawford as a second guitarist. Mike Crawford left in June 89 . In 1990 TIME BOMB released its self titled Ep. In Sept 1990 founding member Ben Myers left and TIME BOMB disbanded. 2000 saw the band reunite with the last line up in 1990. Jan 2001 Ben Myers left and Bill Fry was brought on. After Bill Fry departed Doug Bream joined. In 2002, TIME BOMB disbanded again. 2015 sees the band back together again with new bassist Todd Williams and new lead singer Tas Journey, after Kevin Black departed in Oct 2015.

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