Roxanne - All Female Police Tribute

Roxanne - All Female Police Tribute

As every fan of The Police knows, casual or die-hard, they’re a great band. Thier unique blend of ‘soft’ punk, reggae, and jazz influences would serve as the foundation for making them such an interesting and classic band. And now listening to The Police with a completely different set of ears, there’s plenty of O.M.G.’s (and F-bombs) as we dissect each song and understand more fully their absolute brilliance.
With ROXANNE, our goal is to bring each song to the stage LIVE ... no tracks. Just the 3 of us using our abilities and sensibilities to the maximum to create an experience we know you’ll love. We listen to each song in its original recorded format then scour the archives to hear how it was played live. We obsess over which is the right version to do, but also how we factor in how we can be creative and inject some of our personality into the song. And when it comes together, chills literally run up my spine ... it feels so unbelievably good and makes me forever grateful to have such talented musicians with me on this journey.

Alan Chapell is a unique character – even by the standards of the West Village, NYC. Made from years of traveling the world and honing his craft and moving effortlessly through several musical genres without a single tune sounding the same. Seriously good songwriting that’s augmented by what many are calling the best seven piece band in NYC. All led by Chapell - Mephistopheles outfitted in a well-tailored white linen suit.

Chapell’s band includes Lorenza Ponce on violin, Ann Klein on guitar, Ali Culotta on piano, Billy Aukstik on trumpet, Malcom Gold on bass and Rodney Howard on drums. Chapell’s live show is a cacophony of juxtapositions. His set moves seamless from genre to genre and from topic to topic. From songs about love to songs about more heady topics such as gun violence and human rights. And finally, to a parody of Mark Zuckerberg’s recent Congressional testimony. With all that, Chapell somehow manages to keep things fun – not to mention you’re guaranteed to leave the night with at least a few of Chapell’s melodies stuck in your head.

The Foztones

From french gypsy to country swing, and all the way through jump, jive, early rock and classic soul. Dance, groove and have a great night out with an incredible group of musicians delivering a unique sound and style you are sure to enjoy.



$12 in advance, or $15 cash at the door.

$5 Food & beverage min. collected in cash at door for under 21; Voucher redeemable in restaurant. 

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