password:password is a dream pop band from Atlanta, GA, formed by Georgia Tech students through the GT Musician's Network in Fall 2017. The five members—Claire Lacombe (vocals), Heath Murphy (synthesizer), Chris Mickas (guitar), Merritt Treaster (bass), and Jed Paz (drums)—have a history collaborating with each other in past bands and running Under the Couch, their school's music venue and DIY space. With their shared love of 80s synth pop, 90s shoegaze, and modern indie pop, they aim to create sparkly music for every spacey, day-dreamy mood.

password:password released their first single "Thursday" in September 2018, and their debut EP "Session Boyfriend" released in February 2019.

Indiana Jonesin

Indiana Jonesin is a band and musicians' collective based in Washington DC.

Option Paralysis

Formed in 2018 as a Flashband through the legendary DC music hub 7DrumCity, Option Paralysis uses high energy rock music to encourage the listener to reflect on life experiences with the goal of inducing an existential crisis. The hope is that others will realize what the band already knows, that life is better with music and every day is a good day to party.


KSMNT is the gesamtkunstwerk of Brooklyn/DC based musicians Anni (vocals, french horn, drum machine), Aaron (vocals, keyboards, trumpet, visualizers), Charles (guitar, bass, audio engineering), and Cam (drums, art, website design). As a musical expression, the group fuses their fascination in indy/psychedelic rock with deeply rooted training in the classical and jazz traditions. They currently perform around the country as a duo with Aaron and Anni. Their recent recording project, VSTK1, is an attempt to encapsulate the entirety of the group’s artistic voices: a 9 song album that weaves in and out of genres as a relentless stream of melodies and harmonic idioms paint starkly different moods. Accompanying a number of the songs are the group’s own abstract visual interpretations come to life through kaleidoscopic videos created with digital spirographs.



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