The Victorian Dining Room Series

The Victorian Dining Room Series

Monday night enjoy a free acoustic stripped-down show from some of your favorite local artists in our 125 year old dining room.

With the angst of a mid 20s punk rocker, the sorrow of a traditional country artist, and the free wheeling spirit of his folk heros. Mat Burke is unlike anything else. Pint after pint and song after song, he pours his heart and soul into every chord, every lyric and every shot of whiskey. Mats attitude and presence on stage demands attention and like it or not he is here to stay MBFU!

M. R. Smith

I'm a solo artist with a band based out of northern New Jersey. I released my first EP in the summer of 2011 and am working on a new album that will be released in the Fall of 2012 which will be a self titled album. With the new band rolling and the new album coming you are going to start seeing a lot more of us on the east coast and beyond! Check out some of our tunes and tour dates.

Rob from Cold Roses

Blending old-soul blues and country with a young rock energy, the Cold Roses have developed a pure sound with a gritty, gravely edge that “makes Johnny Cash sound like T-Rex.” With a groove that sounds older than any of them could be, Cold Roses use deeply personal, whiskey soaked lyrics and "crank a hard-punching, slow-moving beat that embodies perseverance, blunted longing and a wary acknowledgement of the worst-case scenario" (PW). Formed in late 2010, the four members of the Roses came from varied musical backgrounds and influences, but found a common bond in their shared love of Americana, blues, and rock and roll. Playing original songs that appeal to any generation, their energetic and eclectic live performances quickly showed their tight bond and soulfully different sound, and have made them a regular fixture in the Philadelphia area.


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