The Last Royals

The Last Royals

The Last Royals make sumptuous, beat-laden indie pop music in New York City and various other locations. This duo brings in the likes of ELO, The Cars, Brian Wilson, Wilco, B. Dylan, Pet Shop Boys, and Beck.

The Interest Group

The Interest Group (disambiguation) is a voluntary association that seeks to publicly promote and create advantages for its cause. They use various forms of advocacy to influence public opinion and play an important part in the development of social systems. No lobbying. No corruption. No fraud.

Mean Lady

Mean Lady is three young adults creating a new sound out of elements from every genre, and tying it up with a ribbon called POP. Together, Sam, Katie, and Octie make a tidal wave of sound that is a unique and novel sensation, yet feels like home in the timelessness of their beautiful songs. Best of all, this music is truly enjoyable for all ages and all occasions, from grandkids to grandparents, from meditating in the morning to dancing the night away.

Geron Hoy

Geron Hoy's songwriting, which often describes finding beauty in the midst of ugliness, is a good analogy for how he has lived his life. From an early age, Geron learned to deal with hardship through art. A tragedy in his teens drove Geron to pick up his first guitar, teaching himself to play, sing, and eventually write his own songs. Geron’s music reflects the character of the many places he has lived – from the alternative sound of the Northeast to the folk-rock influence of the West Coast and Americana roots of the South – as well as a depth and wisdom earned through hard experience.

Like Geron himself, Geron's music is often surprising in its diverse influences and juxtapositions, yet forms a cohesive narrative that captures universal human emotions and archetypes through vivid imagery and allegory. There are lessons in Geron’s music, as in his life, about living through hardship with strength and grace. His music inspires listeners to find beauty and hope in a world that too often seems lacking in both.



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