The New Music Series

The New Music Series

This event was created to continue to pull together the scene here in Philadelphia. A scene that we all are proud to be a part of, dedicated to, and create within. Promoting the whole show, supporting all the bands/musicians, networking, and learning more about the people around you who share the same passion for music is what this night is all about. We appreciate each act sharing their music with us and putting their own stamp on the North Star's New Music Series.

Folly Fields

Folly Fields is a collaborative project of songwriter Ally Leedy along with author Luke Bartolomeo (electric guitar/harmonica) Nathan Wissler (bass) and Aaron Foltz (drums). Together they weave folk and frenzy, non-fiction and fantasy. Folly Fields is currently working on recording a self-titled EP.

Forest Fools

Forest Fools is an indie/shoegaze band based out of Philadelphia. Starting as a two man acoustic project in the late spring of 2011, the group has expanded its sound to include electric guitars and added a drummer, which has led to a major shift in sound. The four piece group just finished recording their debut EP, Daydreamer, which ranges from straight forward indie rock songs to ballads
ending in noisy guitar freak-outs.

Brianna Judge

Hailing from Bensalem, Pa, Brianna pulls together influences from BB King, John Mayer, and Jack Johnson.

$5.00 - $7.00


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