Justin Tipton

Justin Tipton

Dallas-based singer-songwriter, Justin Tipton, has been writing songs since he was 15 years old. While Justin always wanted to be a performer, he started writing songs as a therapeutic exercise until an old ex-2nd cousin-in-law (there are a lot of divorces in the family) invited him out to a local open-mic in Dallas. The owner liked his set so much, he offered him a couple of gigs at the venue, and although he had no equipment (besides a cheap guitar) he couldn’t turn down the offer.
Fast forward to 2018, Justin is coming off a national TV showing and recently recorded his debut album with longtime songwriting heroes, The Band of Heathens. As 2018 comes to a close, Justin Tipton looks forward to what 2019 has in store with the debut album (“Gimme Back What’s Mine”) set to release around April.

Elmont is a new, four-piece Alternative band from North Dallas. Their self-produced debut single, “Home” was recorded at War Room Studio and Mastered by Crystal Clear Sound in Dallas, TX. The band started working on their first EP at Fifty 50 Studios in Dallas, TX on January 11th. The debut EP is set to drop spring of 2017. The electrifying single could easily become a radio hit with its addictive melody and arrangement. The band takes direct aim at contemporary American culture and pathos and delivers a sound that is surprisingly real, current, and can one say gritty without being anachronistic.

“Home” is poignant, emotional, always reeling with hope and a free-wheeling desire. It is a uniquely American sound, feeling, and vibe being nostalgic and melancholic yet optimistic, tame yet wild. The music is captivating and fresh, the lyrics are brilliant and touching.

The track is a finely crafted and polished mix of sweet memories and real life. It is one of those songs that will really imprint itself onto your brain. With their smooth sound and a strong emphasis on the arrangement, infused with both acoustic and electric instruments, it’s clear that Elmont is aiming to appeal to wide audience, both nationally and internationally.

You’ll be transported to places and feelings, and think of people, you know and sadly have forgotten…or maybe they have forgotten you! That sort of evocative quality is what most people look for in music. The vocals pulls you right in from the start and doesn’t let go till the end.

Fans might also be surprised by how personal and moving the track is. Lyrically they play with the concept of nostalgia, while not willing to give in to the idea that some things belong in the past or have changed in a negative way. Very seldom do we get a group of guys that come together and make good organic sounding music like this anymore.

Elmont’s songwriting is nothing less than beautiful, and this track is a testament to that. Instead of empty headed pop music, Elmont performs an intelligent but accessible composition that makes you think about what message they are trying convey through the words in the song.

The instrumentation, mellow but intense with emphatic percussion and powerful strings, sets the mood and the lyrics are expressed with feeling and emotion. The chord progressions are also smooth and uplifting, as is the melody and the vocal harmonies.

In the end, this single exceeded my expectations, as I wasn’t familiar with the group until I heard this track. Overall, “Home” is a delightful debut from a group that cannot be easily pigeonholed, and is definitely worth paying attention to. - Tuneloud

North Dallas four-piece Elmont have released a self-produced new single entitled Home, and it’s every bit as comforting and enjoyable as the title implies.

The band could quite easily fit in among the category of indie-folk or even pop-rock to an extent, but to listen to Home is to get a sense that there’s a little more to the writing style and the musicality of the band than a simple genre label could portray.

First and foremost, the song is well written, and beautifully performed. At all times there is something blissful to clutch on to; the leading vocal has a softness to it, almost like a melodic whisper on occasion, and the guitars featured throughout showcase some beautifully atmospheric riffs. The song’s melody is simplistic in nature, which works well within the homely embrace of the song – the hook leaves its mark early on and stays with you for a fair while afterwards.

What’s interesting about the song is that for the most part it feels like a gentle, acoustic ballad – the sort that you could listen to alone, at home, through headphones, staring out of the window and forgetting about the world for a while. However, there’s a striking level of energy to the track that confidently brings it into some other realm. The rhythm is upbeat, uplifting, always appropriately light sounding but increasingly energetic, adding to the overall effect of the song this notable feeling of the outdoors, of summertime, of running through the fields to get back to the place you call home. Alongside of the beat, the instrumentation and the vocal parts increase in intensity too, so as the song progresses it becomes something much more than a simple folk ballad, it in fact becomes more and more unique, and it’s extremely memorable to listen to.

It’s a beautiful song, as mentioned, really well written, great imagery and melodies, and gorgeously and skilfully performed by all involved. Much more than all of this though, the band have taken whatever range of influences they share between them, and expressed their art in a genuinely fresh way – a difficult thing to achieve in today’s overflowing world of music. It’s hugely effective, and what’s more, to check out the band performing live underlines this fusion of lightness and energy even more so, whether it’s in real-time or over on their Youtube channel. Elmont are well worth checking out. - Rebecca Cullen

North Dallas four-piece outfit Elmont have just dropped their self-produced single “Home”, with their own distinctive sound immediately making its mark on the alternative scene. Its arrangement offers a special blend of space and finely honed moments for the track to shine and sparkle, with the strings stretching their long notes out while the drums add a kind of punctuation, clearly delineating the key moments along the way. Dig deeper, and there are touches of old school emo going on here, like those moments when Taking Back Sunday or Dashboard Confessional pulled things back for a moment to break out the acoustic tones. What makes ‘Home’ all the more refreshing is that it never falls for the temptation to go back to that folky sound that Mumford And Sons made so popular some years back. Instead, Elmont have carved out their own tone, which honours its influences rather than directly emulating them.

If this is what is to be expected from these guys, then be wise and watch this space for more, as the potential here is big. Work has begun on their debut EP, so we’re looking forward to getting our ears around that to see what else Elmont have got on offer. - Chris Marsh

North Texas alternative rockers Elmont have arrived with their energetic, uplifting, infectious new single titled Home.

Home is a powerful, pop-infused jam which results in such a wide appeal to a variety of listeners, we should be hearing it on radio breaking up the monotony of the same 7-11 songs they typically keep in rotation.

Elmont self-produced the single recording at War Room Studios. Mastering was handled by Crystal Clear Sound in Dallas, Texas. The crew will begin production on their forthcoming EP at Fifty 50 Studio in the very near future.

I’ve jammed to Home at least 5 times at this point. This is as tasty as grandma’s best jam on a hot buttered biscuit!

Home Sweet Home is where I long to be, too! Excuse me while I turn this up and rock out for a sixth time… - Joshua Smotherman

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