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Hailing from Omaha, Nebraska, the Bishops are a seven piece band that brings a highly energetic and danceable groove to shows all over the Midwest. With a solid horn section, this Island-influenced band packs a powerful sonic punch that keeps toes tapping and hips shakin' all night long. Your ears will be treated to the hypnotic rhythms of rocksteady, ska, and early reggae; featuring jazzy horn solos, soulful vocals, and blues-tinged guitar riffs. The Bishops have a large repertoire of originals, early Jamaican covers, and modern tunes with a reggae feel. At one of their shows you can expect to see a diverse cross-section of people getting down to the vintage island sound: young and old, punks and hippies, and music lovers from all walks of life.

The Bishops seek to share their love of the rhythms of the Caribbean with people who are already fans of that music and those yet to discover it. Since they're a bunch of guys from Nebraska, it may seem funny to someone unfamiliar with the band that these musicians would be inspired by music that originated in Jamaica before they were born. However, their belief that the love of music has no borders goes hand in hand with their musical interests and their conviction that music transcends skin color, culture, age, and era. This was particularly notable during the summer of 2010 when the Bishops found themselves welcomed with open arms by the people of Minsk, Belarus. As part of a state-sponsored exchange, the Bishops traveled to Minsk and shared the stage with fellow musicians from that area. They found themselves surprised by the outpouring of affection of the ska fans there that had not previously been treated to any live music of that genre by a band from outside of their country.

The band has been actively performing for a total of more than a dozen years. After their original run between late '94 and early '99, most of the original members reunited in 2008 after an almost ten year hiatus due to the passing of a friend. The Bishops have been honored to share the stage numerous times with one of their principle influences, Jamaica's legendary Skatalites, as well as notable artists in reggae and ska such as The English Beat, The Aggrolites, The Slackers, Pato Banton, The Toasters, The Scofflaws and Lets Go Bowling. They have performed over one hundred and fifty venues in many Midwestern cities, racking up tens of thousands of miles driving to multiple destinations including Kansas City, Des Moines, Minneapolis, Sioux Falls, Oklahoma City, Denver, Dallas, Houston, Austin, St. Louis and Chicago.

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