The Crombies

The Crombies


Hey you!
Are you missing that live 2 Tone sound?
Well listen better start to move your feet.
The dance craze sound has returned to Chicago!

Beats that go one step beyond.
Riddims that will have you ranking full stop.
Ska that will free Nelson Mandela over and over.

The rude boys of summer released their debut 7" single in 2011on Jump Up records. Their smash hit "Blood and Fire"
pays homage to the Chicago Fire AND Niney the Observer simultaneously!
The b-side is no stranger to fans of Mike Park era Deals Gone Bad.
A total recall indeed. "Mad at the World" was revamped, reworked, and remodeled to serve under the current skadministration.

King Hammond

KING HAMMOND is Nick Welsh. He is a musician, producer, and songwriter from the United Kingdom. He is by far one of the most prolific ska/reggae musicians on either side of the pond, his resume includes PRINCE BUSTER, LAUREL AITKEN, DAVE BARKER, RICO RODRIGUEZ, and JUDGE DREAD. Nick also played on LEE ‘SCRATCH’ PERRY’S Grammy Award winning album “Jamaican ET’. As a bassist and song writer in BAD MANNERS and THE SELECTER, he was integral to both band’s post 2-TONE success. Nick Welsh went to school with BUSTER BLOODVESSEL, Louis Cook, and Paul Hyman from the original line up of BAD MANNERS. In 1986 Nick played his first gig with BAD MANNERS, shortly after he formed BUSTERS ALL STARS with Mr. Bloodvessel while BAD MANNERS was on a short “break”. The two acts combined in 1988 resulting in the BAD MANNERS album ‘Eat The Beat’ – five of that album’s top tracks later appeared on “Return of The Ugly” which fueled the reformed band’s worldwide comeback tour. While all of this was in play, BUSTERS ALL STARS released the legendary “Skinhead Luv-Affair” album and KING HAMMOND released “Revolution ‘70”. Fast forward 23 years, JUMP UP kicked out “Floorshaker!” – a collection of crisp and addictive skinhead reggae that pays homage to the originals that inspired them. But of course, that wasn’t enough. Fans demanded more. “THE BEAT IS BLUE” was born. Recorded in 60’s British Blue Beat style, these songs are a throwback to the heyday of the label who made household names of LAUREL AITKEN and PRINCE BUSTER. BLUE BEAT recordings were often recorded in London with well known musicians such as GEORGIE FAME and EZZ RECO, creating a distinctly British take on Jamaican SKA. In addition to appealing to the West Indian community in the UK, BLUE BEAT was played alongside soul sides at Northern clubs and became associated with the British Mods and skinheads of the mid to late 60s. KING HAMMOND’S SKA TAKES LONDON ONCE AGAIN– AND THE BEAT IS BLUE!

Ska/Reggae/Soul/Pop band from Darlington, England, UK.

Rude Boy George

Ska cover band from NY, USA.

DJ Chuck Wren

DJ Chuck Wren has hosted the ska radio show “Everything Off-Beat” across the Chicago dial since 1989, currently airing Sundays at 9 PM on WLUW-FM 88.7. Since 1993, his label JUMP UP RECORDS ( ) has released over 100 albums including ones by local faves Deal’s Gone Bad, The Drastics, and Green Room Rockers. His monthly night at Delialh’s is Chicago’s longest running ska/reggae night at 18 years, and when he spins you see piles of piles of original Jamaican 45s sprawled all over the place.

$15.00 - $20.00


DJ Chuck Wren spins all 80's ska

Brought to you by Jump Up Records and the Specialized Cancer Charity

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