dir.Haile Gerima, Ethiopia/Germany, 2008, 140 mins
Featuring director Haile Gerima in person!

Teza, set in Germany and Ethiopia, examines the displacement of African intellectuals, both at home and abroad, through the story of a young, idealistic Ethiopian doctor, Anberber. After studying medicine abroad in Germany for several years, Anberber returns home to Ethiopia only to find his beloved Ethiopia, and soon the quiet of his dreams, stifled and disarrayed by the country’s political turmoil. The solace that the memories of his youth provide is quickly replaced by the competing forces of the military and rebel factions. Anberber must determine if he can bear the strain or piece together a life from the fragments that lie around him.

Presented in partnership with International House Philadelphia, Cinema Studies at University of Pennsylvania, History of Art Department at University of Pennsylvania, The Center for Africana Studies at University of Pennsylvania, and Film and Media Arts at Temple University

$8.00 - $10.00


This screening IS still taking place tonight, despite the weather! Please join us beforehand beginning at 7:00 for a free reception with Director Haile Gerima! Scribe/Reelblack Members with valid membership cards, and Students/Faculty/Staff of UPenn and Temple with valid ID, can pick up their FREE tickets at the box office.

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