Benny Freestyles

Benny Freestyles

Born in Providence, Rhode Island Benny grew up traveling the world with his older sister. Experiencing new views on life is what shaped Benny's spiritually based music. The name Benny Freestyles comes from Benny's long time skill of freestyle rapping, his first ever release "The Ready Freestyle" was a 4 minute freestyle recorded on an iPhone. Since then Benny has released consistent projects and been on multiple national tours. Through releasing his music and touring the country he has built a dedicated fan base worldwide with his movement growing rapidly. Benny's music could be described as dreamy and uplifting with a message of freedom, truth and love.

Describing himself as a "pop up artist" Unknownphrazes delivers high energy electronic performances displaying versatility by incorporating upbeat new age hip hop. Being one of the members of hip hop collective "Common Ave" unknownphrazes has had the opportunity of doing over 100 shows and is able to control and interact with a crowd making his sets an incredible experience.

Monique Atreece Zahir, better known as M/\Z and TenderTones , is a multi-genre artist and song writer from Cleveland, Ohio. Her sound and tonality, based in soul and experimental sonics, along with her ever-changing aesthetic have thrust her into a universe of loyal listeners and broad ranging tastemakers.

She has garnered considerable buzz from various independent single releases. M/\Z’ relationship with music dates back to her father, also a musician, and his studio, where her first visit as a 1 year old resulted in her picking up a loose microphone and gurgling into it. From there, exploration of sound began.

Following M/\Z's release of her debut EP "Pale Moon" she has seduced numerous crowds and venues from LA to CHI to NYC and has gained backing from a live band featuring her most recent collaborator, Sun A'marri as lead guitar, Peter D'cruz juggling bass and keyboard & Dante foley of Mourning A BLKstar on percussion. ( see their upcoming shows HERE )
Forth coming album and collaboration entitled "Eclipse" with artist/musician Sun A'marri is the latest chapter of this sonic fantasy and a deeper dive into her world,

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