The Tambo Rays

The Tambo Rays have strange in their veins; what started as a bedroom solo project by multi-instrumentalist SF music man Brian DaMert ripened soon after he recruited his magnetic younger sister, Sara. Her playful manner fostered a new sonic direction that has fashioned a distinct and up-beat collaboration between the spirited siblings. The two were later joined by Greg and Bob rounding them out into a chill pop quartet.

Together they have found a fresh, new and off the beaten path sound that's euphoric vibe is limitless even in the catchiest climes of their pop driven landscape.

Evil Eyes

the perfect soundtrack for your midnight ride.

Liquid, melodic motorik/post punk/dream pop influenced rock - equal parts blissful and dirty. A powerful maelstrom of beautiful, melody-driven noise mix with spectral voices, built on the warm pulse of an analog groove and driving beat to hold you together.

Jesus Sons

The songs that Jesus Sons write serve as explicit documentation of living in modern day America. The lyrics are filled with shady characters from the back streets of San Francisco and beyond. The ones lurking in the shady corners of your local watering hole, taking long drags off their cigarettes. Their breath stained of cheap whiskey. The music is the product of each members' geographical origins colliding together. Two hometown buds from Idaho lay down vocals, guitar, harmonica and drums, two boys from Los Angeles bring in the bass and slide guitar and a lone ranger rings in the tasteful lead guitar and harmonica from Iowa. The five boys of Jesus Sons dust each song with their experiences of growing up in a troubled time. There is an uneasiness underneath their youthful, determined soundtrack for the modern day motorcycle riding, fast driving, whiskey and beer drinking, freedom seeking kids of today and tomorrow.

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