The Screaming Hearts, The Heavy Calm, Fighting Giants, Tetramono

The Screaming Hearts

The Screaming Hearts (Southampton, MA) is an indie rock band that has truly taken people by storm with the breathtaking poetry they display. Bringing together elements of rock, folk and pop they leave the crowd with an unforgettable showcase of musicianship and artistry.

The Heavy Calm

Bending genres around carefully sculpted melodies, The Heavy Calm blends together the worlds of folk and soul with high-energy progressive metal. This group prides itself on atmospheric, melodic soundscapes, ear-catching choruses, and cinematic storytelling, all while seamlessly incorporating heavy grooves and breakdowns. Each member brings a unique musical perspective and experience from having performed in numerous other acts, and having spent years around the New England music scene.

$5 in advance $10 day of show


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