Rockaway Bitch

Rockaway Bitch

Rockaway Bitch is a New York based all female tribute to Punk icons the Ramones. The band is comprised of badass bitches, each of which is a native New Yorker. With that NYC spirit carved straight into their DNA, they embody all of the American Punk scene attitude and philosophy necessary to do the Ramones justice.

Rockaway Bitch came into being when bassist/vocalist Rockelle Cakes (a.k.a. Cakey Ramone), guitarist Jennifer Eden (a.k.a. Jenny Ramone) and drummer Hana Mess (a.k.a. Messy Ramone) decided to join forces to pay homage to this preeminent band that they all loved. Individually, each musician in this power trio is at the top of their game on their instruments.

Rockelle Cakes is a well-respected bassist/vocalist in the NY music community. She first hit the scene with her all female original garage rock band “The Drive” in 2001. She has since shown off her bass prowess in numerous scenarios, covering music from AC/DC to Black Sabbath to Billy Joel, she can play it all and that includes the forceful style of both Dee Dee and CJ. Rockelle is also a vocalist, guitarist and prolific songwriter. She performs her unique brand of vaudeville meets bluegrass acoustic arrangements as both a soloist and in various instrumentation settings.
Jennifer Eden is an intense guitarist, bordering on obsessive. She is a master of her instrument and has not only embraced her role as Johnny, but has run with it. Prior to Rockaway Bitch, she toured nationally with a Guns n’ Roses tribute, and impressed audiences with the accuracy in which she portrayed Izzy Stradlin’. She has now taken a wider stance and dropped her guitar a little lower, consequently dropping jaws as she relentlessly nails the Ramones guitar parts. Jennifer is also a skilled acoustic and classical guitarist and released a compilation of original solo guitar works in 2008, entitled “The Road Home”. Additionally, Jennifer has performed and recorded with multiple original music projects, most recently art-pop/punk band Huff This!

Hana Mess is a hard and fast hitting, no nonsense drummer. She met guitarist Jennifer Eden in the same Guns n’ Roses tribute band while she masterfully played the parts of Steven Adler and Matt Sorum alike, effortlessly switching between their distinctive styles. A long time Ramones fan, she happily switched roles honoring the punk style of Ramones drummers Tommy, Marky and Richie. Hana has toured both nationally and internationally, and has also laid it down as a session player. Additionally she is a founding and current member of original rock/blues band “The Mess”.
Rockaway Bitch, are of the opinion that you do it right or you don’t do it at all. Their goal is not to “cover” the music of the Ramones, but to pay “tribute” to the music and the band. They have played for audiences full of Ramones diehards, many of which have shared stories of attending numerous Ramones shows and personal accounts of meeting the members. And, time and time again they are commended for the excellence they put forth as well as for keeping the music alive. Ramones fans are like no other fans, and Rockaway Bitch knows that they may not make it out in one piece if they didn’t show up and represent. But the Bitches have indeed received the approval of the diehards and now with the completion of the band they are ready to take the tribute world by storm

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Former members of Drug Shock, Slip And Fall, Haste, and Youthful Offenders


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