The Photo Atlas

The Photo Atlas

Paranoid, desperate and utterly danceable, the music of the Photo Atlas blends the angularity of Fugazi, the gut-punch of At The Drive-In and the relentless rump-shaking of the Rapture into a dangerously sexy dancefloor detonator. Guitarist Bill Threlkeld, bassist Mark Hawkins and guitarist/vocalist Alan Andrews bring their best twitchy hardcore while hyperkinetic drummer Devon Shirley moves the sound out under the disco balls and strobes with his irresistible, machine-like beats. In just over two years as a band, the Photo Atlas has captured the ears, eyes and imagination of area club owners as well as Morning After and Stolen Transmission Records. The past year has seen the group splashed all over college radio, playing packed clubs and receiving rave reviews while touring the US and playing high-profile gigs like 2006s SXSW. Do you think the Photo Atlas is about to stop? The name of the album says it all: No, Not Me, Never.

Monroe Monroe

Previously known as The Legendary Beep Beeps, Monroe Monroe takes over where the Beeps left off. Formed in June 2010 with two new members, Monroe Monroe is similar enough to the Beeps that fans should easily embrace them. The guys in Monroe Monroe artfully construct a wall of sound that could probably fill a stadium if given the opportunity. With influences like Interpol, The Doves, and U2, their music is mellow yet fast, melodically guitar-driven, and somewhat moody with an eighties' vibe that is reminiscent of Euro-Rock groups, such as The Cure. Monroe Monroe has been busy recording their new EP at the famous Blasting Room Studios in Fort Collins (look for it to be released this Fall). They have shared some of their new songs such as "sei il peso nel mio cuore," which is filled with guitar and vocal layers that continuously build and resolve on top of each other, and an energetic and steady drum rhythm that remains engaging until the last vocals taper off. Next is "A Great Field of Snow," a warm song filled with major chords and an anthem feel, and "Bedpost," which is urgent and bass-filled. Luckily, with several shows already scheduled throughout Denver, you won't have to wait for the EP to see what they've got up their talented sleeves. Monroe Monroe is Frank Abbatecola (guitar and vocals), Michael Cramer (bass), and Matt Morse (drums and loops). Alli

"You've heard this sound before. It's nothing new or even particularly novel. At least it won't strike you as such, particularly if you own the first three U2 albums. Just the same, by god, does it sound absolutely fanfreakingtastic! These dudes just completely smash it on this cut! It's a little ditty called "Squeeze," and it's from an outfit led by Frank Abbatecola called Monroe Monroe, rechristened from its previous moniker, the Legendary Beep Beeps. The track, recorded at the Blasting Room earlier this week, is literally still hot to the touch, and holy hell if it didn't completely stop traffic for me this morning. I'm waiting for everyone in the office here to start banging on the walls. It's only a matter of time --- not only have I been playing the tune non-stop all morning, but I've got this bugger just cranked. Listen for yourself." Dave Herrera,

With their tongues thrust firmly into their cheeks and their music warming the hearts and loins of the audiences they captivate night after night, Denver's The Foot. expertly blends new and old influences into a sound that is immediately recognizable, with a novel edge that is certainly their own.

The lifelong musicians are old schoolmates, brought together at university from all corners of the country. They immediately took their shared love of 60s and 70s classic rock, early 90s alternative rock, modern pop and r&b and began rehearsing earnestly in a basement that seemed to flood on a weekly basis. The results of these aquatic sessions were what would ultimately become their critically acclaimed debut release, 2010's Primary Colors.

Hailed as one of Denver's top rock acts, The Foot. entered the national scene at New York City's CMJ 2010. Urb Magazine declared them "one of the 15 acts you wish you saw at CMJ" alongside such acts as Das Racist and Two Door Cinema Club. After making several swings across the country, playing some of the most prestigious venues at home, and playing with some of the most respected artists on the national stage, The Foot. has begun work on a series of EPs, the second and third which will be released in early Spring 2012. As if that wasn't enough, they are continuing to pursue a rigorous touring schedule, write, and shimmy their way into all of your lives, of course.

Strange Kids

Strange Kids is an indie, alternative, pop rock band that was conceived from a long distance friendship of two people: Kai Tezca Custodio, a transplant to Denver, CO, and Ted Pommer; both were born and raised in Brooklyn, NY.

Kai moved to Denver four years ago and Ted still resides in Brooklyn. Pommer and Custodio were bandmates prior to Kai’s move to Colorado. They continued to talk about music and were interested in creating something new despite of the long distance. They traded ideas via email and the tracks eventually led to fully recorded songs.

The current line-up consists of Kai Custodio who plays sharp like a knife guitar riffs and sings melodic vocals; Brooke Theis (of the Carnivores) plays bass with a dark edge and incorporates a sonically rich low-end. Lastly, Ryan Elwood brings a solid percussive force to the trio.

Hot, dark, and mysterious...take a listen and gander at the Strange Kids.



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