U.S. Girls

Jaguar Purrs’ signature sound is characterized by a cavernous resonance and rich, raspy vocals. Both elements mesh wonderfully in this latest single, one which forms an entrance into Jordan Parker’s woozy world—a world that, although contained within the eyes, cannot be embodied by the visual, but only by the aural. Throughout “In Your Eyes,” Parker transports listeners into a galaxy of serene synths that beckon us to float, disoriented and overwhelmed with awe. Soon, drums kick in and act as propellers through this hypnotic lull, this lucid dream without control. As in his previous single, “Future Visions,” Parker is generous with his layering, building anticipation until the echoic melody is grounded in softly undulating rhythms. Without losing the song’s spacious, lo-fi groove, he centers the single around a simple chord progression in order to emphasize each dreamy dimension.

- Immersive Atlanta

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