Rosegarden Funeral Party, Sub-Sahara

Rosegarden Funeral Party

Armed with just a guitar and a switchblade, Leah Lane and her misfits, Rosegarden Funeral Party have cut a swath from the royal cloth of post-punk that is distinctly their own. What would happen if Peter Murphy and Siouxise Sioux birthed an Indigo Child later to be baptized in Alan Watts’ philosophy? RFP!! Swipe right and get involved.


Flower Boys

Elvis • Alex • Aarón

God bless ya.

Lorelei K

Denton, TX


Vio\ator is the solo project of Bay Area-based musician Tyler King. Founded in 2012, the project has been based around Tyler exploring the darker parts of the musical and lyrical spectrum. At times oblique, at times direct, the purpose of the project is to create an emotional response, no matter what.



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