CMON weekly residency, ft. Secret Circuit, John Carroll Kirby

Confusing Mix Of Nations

CMON (Confusing Mix Of Nations) is Josh Da Costa and Jamen Whitelock, a duo that met in New York where they created the band Regal Degal in 2009. As Regal Degal, they released three EPs and two albums, while touring with bands such as Grizzly Bear, DIIV, and Real Estate. Shortly after their 2015 album Not Now was released, Josh Da Costa moved to Los Angeles where he played drums for Chris Cohen, Drugdealer and produced Dinner’s 2017 album New Work. Although Josh and Jamen were on opposite coasts, Jamen bounced back and forth between New York and Los Angeles, where they’ve been recording and performing as CMON. They combed through old demos, retooling them into spaced out dance music featuring twangy guitar riffs, analog drum machines and lush synth textures. CMON, uninhibited by the limitations of a typical rock band, embrace technology to construct a hybrid sound inspired by the past, present and future. CMON’s music is built for heady crate-diggers and the cutting-edge partygoers, perfect for both the headphones and the club.

Secret Circuit

"The axis field of Secret Circuit mixes Psychedelic and tropical, and started up by inviting one basic member, Eddie Ruscha, and various guest in the place where free Music was expressed and permanent Cosmic, Jam-Disco, Soul, Funk, and Jazz"

John Carroll Kirby

Conceived in Tokyo and written primarily in Lamanii, Belize, Kirby's compositions are a multiverse of synths and rhythms, moods and wonderment.

Kirby channels the eccentric funk of Harry Honsono & Yellow Magic Orchestra with small touches of Jon Hassell's Fourth World. He describes his music as the 3rd Generation Exotica, whimsical and vibrant like the genres pioneer Martin Deny.

DJ Jimi Hey

"I used to think Euphoria was in Illinois, but now I know, it's everywhere!" -- Ira Cohen

Thanksgiving, a rendez-vous at Zebulon, where we'll play the songs of thanks with Jimi Hey...



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