Dirty Penni Fest IV w/ The Buttertones (performing a special tribute to Dick Dale)

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Buttertones (performing a special tribute to Dick Dale)

The Buttertones are a five piece rock and roll outfit hailing from Los Angeles, California. Applying a thick coat of nostalgia paired with modern sensibilities, the Buttertones create a sound familiar to those versed in the early history of rock music, yet inviting to anyone hungry for a new contemporary sound. Founded in late 2012, LA transplants Richard Araiza (vocals/guitar), Modesto Cobian(drums), and Sean Redman(bass) began writing and performing around southern California. The self-titled "Buttertones" album was released on cassette in October of 2013 by Lolipop Records. The cassette sold out in 2 months. 2014 saw the addition of guitar player Dakota Böettcher. With a clear focus The Buttertones began work on the self released "For the Head and for the Feet" EP, as well as a west coast tour. Saxophonist London Guzman joined the group in February of 2015 after recording on the full length "American Brunch" which was self released in October of that year. An 8" vinyl single (Stray Dog Strut/Shut Up Sugar) will be released in September, 2016 on Innovative Leisure Records. A follow up full length record was produced in the spring of 2016 by Jonny Bell at Jazzcats Studio in Long Beach, CA. The Buttertones have sharpened their tools and continue to create songs that capture the cinematic qualities of life. From romance to disaster, action to drama, The Buttertones are here to provide an exciting, vivid, and engaging experience for anyone tuned in.

Pacheco Brothers, David and Rene, began their prolific music careers as Thee Commons; underdogs in the East L.A. music scene. Inspired by the Roots of Chicha compilations and the psych rock sounds coming out of Southern California they embraced both worlds with open arms. Unable to properly play “cumbia” rhythms they quickly learned from their peers in Boyle Heights and gave their best interpretation of the genre. High-spirited and determined they worked on a formula that would become their signature “Psychedelic Cumbia Punk” sound. A sound, not latino enough for the Mexicans nor surf enough for the psych-punks. This paradoxical approach, gregarious attitude, and live wire shows landed them slots on West Coast festival favorites, namely Coachella, Desert Daze, and Tropicalia. LA Weekly made it clear: "If Thee Commons aren’t the best live band in Los Angeles, they’re damn near the top.”

However, after 3 LP’s and a collection of EP’s and singles, the brothers Pacheco decided to work on a different live and studio sound. Seeking a new sound they were inspired by the likes of Django Reinhardt, Joan Sebastian, Edith Piaf, Meridian Brothers and obscure soundtracks by Nino Rota. Yet, rather than start from scratch the brothers expanded on their “psychedelic cumbia punk” sound and reshaped it with a cinematic, orchestrated and carnivalesque twist. With the support of their friends and family they moved forward with the idea to rebrand and start anew. Focusing on their song craft, they began to experiment with different instrumentations and working with a myriad of studio musicians. Maturing as songwriters the brothers are now faced with the challenge of presenting their studio recordings onto a live stage. All the meanwhile, they are also endlessly working on converting new and previous Thee Commons fan to join the Tropa Magica caravan.


Ultra Q

Formerly Mt. Eddy

Destroy Boys


Healing Gems

Space Age Tequila Sunrise, Trash Lounge, Lava Pop from Los Angeles.

Jared Marin- vocals/guitar
Michael Castellanos- drums/omnichord
Edgar Mendoza- keys
Eddie Camacho- bass
Patricia Reyes- vocals/percussion
Xochi Shirtz- vocals/percussion



Elephant Rifle

From Reno, NV

Sabrina is Not in This Chat

Olivia is guitar and vocals
Siena is drums
Maddie is bass and vocals


Fashion Jackson


Small Crush

fun! natural fun!

Clit Kat

Doom Punk, Meowcore, Powercore, supergroup that will finger bang your butthole. Meowing + Penniback Records

Playboy Manbaby

TJ: Guitar
Chris: Bass
Dave: Trumpet
Robbie: Vocals
Chad: Drums

Kicked off the Streets

We are a grunge/surf punk band from San Dimas, CA (SGV)


Rick N Dick



LA band.
Jake Pavlica, Razz, Vicente Valdebenito, and Jenna Reynoza.

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