Black Crown Initiate, A Wake in Providence, Valence, Sycarian

Black Crown Initiate

Black Crown Initiate is the sound of a sentient being at war with itself and everything else; an entity holding on for dear life as its inner and outer world dies.

A Wake In Providence

Many bands embrace evil imagery to create a heir of "darkness" and "brutality." Countless are the band's who feign darkness and despair as it seems the more bands attempt to use it to their advantage, the more it backfires. There are bands who use evil and aggression as a façade to garner a following in their local scenes and then there are bands like A Wake in Providence, who don't simply use darkness, they redefine it. Combining marvelous metallic riffs with crushing breakdowns and shrill, sinister vocals to create an intense onslaught unlike any other band in the heavy music scene, A Wake in Providence are vile enough to make sewers look clean, and vicious enough to tear the still-beating heart out of the listener's chest. With a groundbreaking release around the corner, and the band's die-hard work ethic and dedication to their fans, A Wake in Providence are a tidal wave sure to be swallowing a venue near you soon.


Valence is an up and coming instrumental band from New York that exists to push the boundaries of rock and roll and bring the highest level of energy possible in doing so. Fusing metal, progressive rock, and jam, Valence creates a unique sound that is intelligent and energetic, yet still accessible. Their focus is on expressiveness: their music can be at times aggressive or intense, at other times contemplative and introspective. Their compositions traverse different styles while their live show leaves audiences in awe.


Sycarian is a metal band from Hudson County New Jersey established in 2013. They started off just as two brothers with a goal to spread music with no boundaries or limitations. The band has mixes different sub genres of Metal such as Death Metal, Progressive, and some Metalcore. Heavily influences by artists such as Gojira, Tesseract, and The Black Dahlia Murder. Sycarian released their first recording production in August 2014 and their second EP entitled "Introspection" on August 2017.


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TONIGHT! FRI 5/24. Bar opens at 6. Doors at 7. Tickets will be available at doors guaranteed. Also first 50 ticket holders get a FREE Lagunitas Brewing Co beer so come early! Set times:
8 Sycarian Nj 845 Valence 930 A Wake In Providence
1030 Black Crown Initiate

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