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Ladybird is a folk/chamber music collective born out of the simpler tunes of singer-songwriter/actor Crystal Arnette (aka Ladybird). Combining memories of the south with swirls of citylife, Ladybird is a shapeshifting band, always evolving into new sounds with a rotating ensemble of musicians exploring new ways to tell old stories.

The Lobbyists

The Lobbyists combine guitars, banjo, ukulele, mandolin, and soul-stirring harmonies with tambourine and hand shakers to create a fresh sound at once unique and grounded in traditional and folk music. An ever-growing repertoire includes originals, folk songs, country songs, indie rock, sea shanties, and more.

Merrily & The Poison Orchard

Merrily and the Poison Orchard is a band name with a story.

I grew up in SE Portland on a dead-end street, at the end of which was a filbert orchard. Many summer days were spent in the orchard with siblings and neighborhood friends building forts, tree houses, playing hide-and-seek.

In time, many people on this small street got sick. Some very sick. My youngest sister, Bethany Hartung, was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia at 19 years old. She fought a battle until her death just before her 22nd birthday. June 24th, 2007 Bethany passed from this world. She went with dignity, wisdom, and left a legacy of hope, despite her tragic end.

We later discovered that the state of Oregon had been testing pesticides on the filbert orchard for years. These are almost impossible cause and effect situations to prove.

Bethany wished many things for her family, told to us, and also left in a posthumously viewed video. Bethany wished for me to follow my dreams and continue to write music. In her last months, I would play the piano from the living room in the house in SE Portland where we'd grown up together, and Bethany felt the strength and promise in these songs as she lay in her hospital bed in the next room.

Within six months of her death, I recorded my first record, merrily. Within a few years, I moved from Phoenix to NYC, and recently recorded Time and Hell which was recorded with a full band and released June 2011.

I hope to carry on Bethany's legacy in whatever ways I can, and someday write a song that fully captures the feelings of loss and hope that knowing and loving her have inspired in everyone who knew her. Sometimes it takes a little time to express these feelings, although it seems the hurt never really fades. She was one of my very best friends in this world.

Time and Hell is dedicated to Bethany's memory, and also to the struggle of the many young adults with cancer. This is a demographic that hasn't had many strides in improved survival of cancer in nearly forty years, the reasons being as varied as limited access to health care, late diagnoses, and lack of medical experimentation.

For more information, and to make contributions to their great program, check out OHSU's AYA (Adolescent and Young Adult Oncology Program) website. Bethany received treatment at OHSU from caring, dedicated doctors and nurses. They became family friends, and their resolve and commitment is unparalleled.

Here's a link to one of many articles about my lovely sister, Bethany.

Merrily and the Poison Orchard is a band name with a history, a goal, a hope that when asked the background, my band members and I can tell Bethany's story again and again. Besides the ways in which I remember her- her laugh, silly sense of humor, sarcasm, depth, love of the fabric arts, love for her family and friends, she is also a reminder to all of the senseless use of harmful chemicals in our everyday lives. Her tragic end is a call to be mindful in our lives, and to remind those who represent us in government to look after our best interests.

xoxo, merrily ruth rosso

Nathan Leigh & The Traveling Salesmen

Nathan Leigh is an award winning composer, producer, and writer. He plays in the bandsSuper Mirage, A Thousand Ships, and Nathan Leigh and the Traveling Salesmen. As a national touring act, Nathan has performed in nearly every state in the country at legendary venues like Pianos, the Webster Theatre, Copperfield's, The Middle East, Galapagos Art Space, and The Blue Note. As a composer for theatre, Nathan has written scores for shows at the Berkshire Theatre Festival, American Repertory Theatre, Connecticut Repertory Theatre, Williamstown Theatre Festival, PS122, and Off-Broadway at New World Stages.
In 2007, his work on the Debate Society'sThe Eaten Heart was the Gothamist's Sound Design of the Year. He won the IRNE for Best Sound Design in 2009 and 2010 for his scores for Strangers on A Train at the Stoneham Theatre and The Hound of The Baskervilles at Central Square Theatre respectively. He was a recipient of the Boris Segal Fellowship in 2008 to develop the musical Big Moneywith Super Mirage bandmate and Obie Award-winning playwright Kyle Jarrow at the Williamstown Theatre Festival. In 2011 Nathan received a fellowship from the Banff Center for the Arts to develop the score for the play Froggy by Jennifer Haley.

With Kyle Jarrow, Nathan is the co-author of Big Money, and The Consequences. With book writer Jesse Geiger, Nathan is the co-author of the musical Darling. His adaptation of the classic text The Song of Songs with writer Jason Slavick premiered at the BCA Plaza in June 2011. Nathan is currently developing the new musicalSealand, which ran in serialized form from July to December 2011 as part of the #serials@TheFlea. His forthcoming solo album A Life In Transit is set to be released in summer of 2012.

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