*Cancelled* Band Dance Music

Band Dance Music

We all know the adrenaline and thrill from watching a live band perform. We also know the bass drops that get people going at a club. Now think about these combined. The concept of BDM is to take the same party-style-set that is played by a DJ complete with remixes, mashups and transitions but play it with a 11-piece band.

Candice Lee

Authentic, passionate and inspiring, Candice Lee is a multitalented and multifaceted singer-songwriter, guitarist, harpist, YouTuber, Instagrammer, and performer. Her music displays attitude and intensity with an interesting mix of pop, rock and EDM.

As a committed artist and social media influencer, Candice has grown her account and her fan base by creating and posting a new #MusicMonday video every week for the past several years. Although she has over 40,000 genuine and organic followers, she remains dedicated to connecting with them personally by interacting with her followers and encouraging others to use music to express themselves.

As a songwriter, Candice draws from her own experiences and emotions producing a sincere sense of familiarity and relatability. Candice radiates positivity and gathers strength from adversity thus empowering her fans to be optimistic in the face of negative forces. Small in stature, but big in sound, this charismatic young woman sparkles when she steps on stage. Whether with her band or solo, Candice’s unique music will leave you wanting more.

$8 Advance / $10 Day of Show


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