Montana of 300

Montana of 300

Montana of 300 (no relation with Chief Keef) is an independent rapper from the South side of Chicago. Wearing a bandana underneath his rope like/twisted dreads and covered in tattoos, his image is starting to trend. Often referred to as "Rap God", his latest project/album is available on all the major music retail sites and is entitled "Cursed with A Blessing", which has been doing great numbers. Montana of 300 brings real lyricism, crazy creativity and substance while keeping you hype. Known for his back to back flurries of mind-blowing metaphors, unforgettable quotes, inspirational stories of struggle and his aggression, Montana's music is spreading fast, keeping the people talking and running to tell the next. Having gained over 100 Million YouTube views, he has proven time after time, that he can/will deliver and be effective every time. Being versatile and dropping hits like "HolyGhost", "Ice Cream Truck" and "All I Ever Wanted", shows us that he's way more than "another Chicago rapper". Even while working on his original music, Montana likes to stay in tune with his fans as well. So every once in a while, he let's them have some control by picking what industry song he will remix next. He never fails to crush all the other versions. Montana of 300 is currently working on two albums, "Gunz & Roses" w/ Talley of 300 (12-2-15) and his solo "Fire In the Church" (5-6-16), and has fans from all over the world anticipating their releases.

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