Viking Storm II

Viking Storm II

HAMMER NO MORE THE FINGERS presents a brutal evening of Mayhem, Merriment & Mirth:

\\\\\ VIKING STORM II /////

Saturday, April 20
@ Motorco Music Hall


$15 - All Day / Night

Featuring nine of the most righteous bands that the Triangle has graciously offered as sacrifice. We pray for Viking Storm!

Come dressed as your inner Norse-person, whatever the hell that may be!

Partial proceeds to benefit Blackspace Durham

Viking Storm - Music Video:

Hammers strike, dragons soar
Reign of beast, reign of Thor
Oh we hear the thunder cry
Duty calls the savage fleet
Quest for land, quest for meat
How we hunger for your souls!

Heave ho! Heave ho!
We pray for Viking Storm

Whip thy ship through the mire
With angel’s wings and serpent’s fire
Oh the mead it flows so free
We need not heed of thy creed
We just need to see thy bleed
How we thirst for human blood!

Heave ho! Heave ho!
We pray for Viking Storm

Hammer No More The Fingers

Pink is the worm of the night that moves up through the drain, into your brain. Catchy and fun at the base level, Hammer No More the Finger’s music grows more interesting and intricate after each listen.

There is no neatly packaged description for Hammer’s sound. You could shoehorn them into a 90s indie rock revival thing, but it’s a little like putting a squid in a sweater. Perhaps the fact that Joe Hall, Jeff Stickley and Duncan Webster have been playing music together since 1994 conjures nostalgic feelings of a sound developed and perfected over the past two decades. Hammer is a continually developing exploration of the music these guys were born to create.

Recorded in the Durham home of Jay Murphy, the 2007 self-titled EP catapulted Hammer into the Triangle music scene. After touring the release, the band received national recognition, most notably as a Stereogum Band to Watch. The band took their next batch of material to producer J Robbins to create their first LP, Looking for Bruce. Working with one of their heroes proved to be a defining moment for the band. J Robbins has fronted and produced many albums that were huge influences during their formative years. Hammer returned to work with him in 2010 to record Black Shark, their most recent full-length release. The second LP explored the use of strings and keys, adding a new dimension to Hammer’s ever-evolving sound. Touring both releases extensively in the US and UK, Hammer has found a growing population of die-hard fans.

Recently, the guys have explored side projects and solo work, revealing a new sense of purpose. The projects have inspired each member to bring more eclectic ideas to the table, creating an endless well of material. Hammer recently recorded a 5-song EP with BJ Burton (Megafaun, Love Language). They took a more stripped down approach to this recording, revisiting their enthusiastic beginnings of jumping around on couches during marathon practices. The new EP is entitled 'Pink Worm.' It's being released in Spring 2012 on Gigantic Music US and Alcopop Records UK. As always, the band’s favorite album is the one they’re working on.

“The hooks and harmonies of Hammer No More the Fingers are one thing, but the way the trio writhes around crazy chords and builds from inventive bridges to addictive choruses puts them alongside Oxford Collapse or No Age – that is, in the upper echelon of young, essential indie rock.”

- Grayson Currin

- Rock Sound Magazine UK 'Band to Watch 2012'
- New York Times ‘Standout’ at SXSW 2010
- Spin ‘Must See Artist’ at CMJ 2009
- 'Band to Watch 2008'

Future Kings Of Nowhere

Fun-filled acoustic punk. They play heartfelt songs about love and death with clever lyrics and catchy melodies.

For a brief but brutal three years, Durham, N.C. five-piece Tooth slayed Triangle metal fans like no other. A thrashing, Southern-fried mix of pounding instrumentals and the scathing, sarcastic bark of J-Me Guptil, the ban

Bloody orchestral glam metal by a bunch of sparkly druids

ALEX A | keys
ALEX C | drums
EMMA | cello
LEAH | cello
LINDSAY | cello
NELLE | bass
WHITNEY | vocals

Solar Halos

With a magnetic sound as imposing and radiant as their celestial namesake, SOLAR HALOS provide a kaleidoscope of textures and enterprise which boldly ignites the imagination. The trio from Chapel Hill, North Carolina is a band crafting mesmeric brews of stoner and psychedelic rock, sonic weaves to which acclaim has not been reserved in its receipt.

Solar Halos is the portrait of the united invention of former Horseback and Curtains of Night guitarist/vocalist NORA ROGERS, Fin Fang Foom bassist EDDIE SANCHEZ, and drummer JOHN CROUCH of Horseback and Caltrop. Together the three draw on previous experiences to cast new evocative explorations; sonic quests upon a stoner seeded canvas coloured with a uniquely eloquent yet rousing psychedelic paint box. The constant emotive incitement of their sound equally embraces doomy shadows unveiled through a hypnotic drone bred quality though it is just one layer in the sonic evocation, a texture broken up through the ethereal voice of Rogers, contrasted provocatively by darker male tones, and persistently stirring guitar melodies which ignite the darker scenery.

Solar HalosWith the mountainous unrelenting rhythms of Crouch and the carnivorous bass engraving of Sanchez continuously sparking the imagination as they interplay with the expressive guitar craft of Nora, and the band never afraid to wash elements and instruments in rich distortion as lyrical themes of nature springs forth the lyrical potency of songs, Solar Halos lead the listener into landscapes of immersive fascination truly singular to them.

Debut release “Demos” in 2012 drew instant attention, Metal Hammer (UK) calling it a ‘Thunderous and Soulful yet equally dark and narcotic Heavy Psych’. It was a potent base which the band evolved into enthralling examinations upon their Devouter Records released self-titled album at the beginning of this year. The full-length was immediately a magnet for fans and the critical media, the album described as ‘one of the first great adventures of 2014’.

Solar HalosComposing an immersive sound impervious to boundaries, Solar Halos strive to fuse contrasts of light and dark within dynamic organic terrains. They cast individual expanses aligned to heavy expression and as their album confirms, it results in spacious yet intimate soundscapes, masterful journeys for the senses which prove Solar Halos as a truly individual proposition.

Pink Flag came together in a tin box in December of 2007, almost 30 years to the day after its namesake album was released. Pink Flag is more cult than band, more spice than sugar, more shout than whimper, but like the album, displays a method to its chaos, a virtuosity in its noisiness and a keen ear for hooks and song structure. They were a regular three girl rhumba dancing on the common ground of a love of early post-punk, riot grrl and top 40 of the 1990s. Their earnest approach to all subject matter and unabashedly campy live performances have been infectious for audiences.
In 2011, Pink Flag welcomed Drunk Flag to take Dork's place and allow the rock to continue. Pink Flag is devoted to good friends, good times and slumber parties and can't wait for you to become places and friends of PFLAG.

Dry Heathens

Founded in 2006 as an offshoot of The Midnight Gladness Band, The Dry Heathens are an entity becoming more and more rare these days: an authentic punk rock band. Blending the country-rock authenticity of bands like The Drive-By Truckers with the bleeding-heart intensity of The Replacements, the Heathens have become a live mainstay in and around Durham, N.C. First Contact with Ground, the band’s 2008 full-length debut, wraps that signature sound around defiant anthems and battered tales of lost romance.

Now in its tenth year, The Beast is an innovative and electrifying hip hop and jazz ensemble, known for pushing creative boundaries and dynamic collaborations. Straight outta Durham, the cultural and entrepreneurial nexus of a new south, The Beast is a home-grown artistic force, mixing tap-dancers, puppeteers, and spoken word artists into its repertoire.

In July 2017 the band released “Woke,” its second full-length album, produced by Philadelphia native Steve McKie, who has recorded and drummed for Bilal, Jill Scott, Musiq, and others. Emcee Pierce Freelon sums up the meaning of the album:

“There is an awakening, a remembering happening in the United States, the likes which have not been seen since the Black Power Movement. The movement for Black Lives has resurged, and is being led by radical, Black, queer, Afrofuturists - organizers, artists, scholars and citizen journalists. We are powerful. We are envisioning new worlds, and new possibilities for ourselves, here on earth and beyond. In the traditions of Harriet Tubman, and Ella Baker, and Ida B Wells, and Pauli Murray, and James Baldwin, and Nina Simone, and Octavia Butler and Sun Ra - we are on the mothership. Y'all had a good run, but we're evolving. We are infinite. We believe we are super-heroes. We are WOKE."

Canine Heart Sounds

4 Piece Vocal & Instrumental Mongoose Gorp Rock.

Boys with major attitude.

Durham, NC - formerly Duluth MN.



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