Stevie Nicks Illusion

Stevie Nicks Illusion is one of the most authentic sounding tributes to Stevie Nicks to date. The band consists of some of the best musicians Southern California has to offer, and the vocals of Diana Grace are spot on as Stevie Nicks from the early years of the 70's and 80's. The shows are exciting as well as intimate, as they connect with the audience and engage with them in what can only be described as a magical shared musical experience.

Hollywood Blondie

Hollywood Blondie is a fun and exciting Tribute to Blondie! Hollywood Blondie puts on a rockin', energetic show and are a blast to watch and hear as they play the absolute best of Blondie while channeling the vibe and look of the original! Vocalist, Diana Grace, captures the audience with her voice, performance and energy, and the band's musicians are exceptional and entertaining, making every show an event to remember!

$18.00 - $20.00


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