Island Twins, Elisa Lovelie, Sunset Victim

Island Twins!/islandtwinsband

Elisa Lovelie

With a passion for music, Elisa began singing at age 5, and hasn't stopped since. After four years of classical opera training, seven years of intense musical theater coaching and most recently, five years of hard rock performance, Miss Lovelie has composed over 30 original songs! Now working with an amazing band, showcasing Blake Allen on red hot electric violin, her sound is unlike anything you have ever heard before!

Sunset Victim

Behold the birth of the gritty, little sonic wunderkind. A love child was recently bore of a three-way between anthemic ballad-rock, electro-punk and indie-pop. Meditative lyrics tag-team delivered by quirky and lush vocals, shimmery guitar lines to wrap yourself up in and sickly solid rhythm to keep you from slipping into that dreamy reverie we know all too well to be the city.

$8.00 - $10.00


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