Malachi Henry and the Lights

Malachi Henry and the Lights

San Diego-based quintet, Malachi Henry and the Lights is an alternative rock band deeply rooted in the raw and haunting sounds of early gospel and Southern soul, tempered with synth and sampled electronics.

When lead singer and songwriter, Ben Hernandez, left his home in California for North Carolina he eventually walked away from professional music as well. He continued writing though, crafting new songs that reflected his life in the South. They spoke of longing for the company of old friends, his time as a traveling salesman, and wrestling with spirituality. As he drove the stretches of highway and long-forgotten main streets through places like Mississippi, Louisiana and Tennessee, the sounds of Malachi Henry and the Lights began to emerge.

"I had come to a turnrow of sorts," says Ben. "I looked back at the music I had done in the past and realized that so much new and different music lay ahead me. So, after some heavy contemplation I turned back to the 'field' and went to work."

After returning to California, Hernandez assembled a band that would draw his songs off the page and give them a life of their own. And the timing was finally perfect. Ben recalls, "Each musician I reached out to, because of current or past band situations, all told me pretty much the same thing; that they were ready for something different, ready for music a little outside their comfort zones. I was ready for a change as well. Moving back to San Diego after living in North Carolina for so long, with new songs and new perspective on my music, was definitely humbling. I use this analogy a lot: that you need to prune a tree once-in-awhile to promote its growth and bear good fruit."

Malachi Henry and the Lights is the sound of well water flowing up from dry land. It's the shout from the back pew of a Wednesday night church service. It's the metallic hiss of thousands of cicadas pulsing from the trees.

The Jankeys

Açai bowls and cowboy hats never had better wingmen than The Jankeys. These jankey boys dock in North County San Diego and bring loose rock n' roll sounds with southwest vibes that leave enough reverb to drown the air out of a room. Not unlike a new wave T-Rex. They’re less Velvet Underground, more corduroy mainstream; volcanic guitar surfs over submarine bass lines with a sea monster behind the kit. The Jankeys are the score to your favorite B-movie that just never got funded...

Blazing Jane

Blazing Jane was founded by John Sheppard (drummer) and Paul Harris (bassist). The two dynamic musicians weren’t just looking to form a band, they had the desire to create the kind of original music that brings emotion, soul and a positive musical experience to an audience of people who want to hear good music, be told a real story, and dance (of course).
With the addition of multi-instrumentalist (and talented studio engineer) Sam Boukas on keyboards and the velvety, soulful singer and songwriter Lissa Dee, the vision began taking shape. The addition of guitarist extraordinaire Ken Gill brought the vision to fruition. The five piece band brings some serious excitement to the San Diego music scene. Their songs incorporate many different genres and styles such as, rock, blues and folk, performed with passion and a true love for music. The band is currently working on their first demo and will be out sharing their music on stage in the near future. Follow Blazing Jane to hear some exciting new original music.


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