THE SQUIRRELS "Post 4/20 Comedown Show" 2PM MATINEE!


Founded in 1984 by Rob "Capt." Morgan (Poplust Magazine publisher & former vocalist for Seattle's bubble-punk legends THE PUDZ), The Squirrels are a highly theatrical & comedic outfit that can best be described as a semi-surrealistic bubble gum rock & roll musical comedy workshop. Sort of. Either that, or you could just compare them to an AM/FM radio from another dimension that's gone totally out of control (sort of like a cross between a '70s High School dance band from Hell & a low-rent version of The Mothers). Again, sort of.

Perhaps it's supposed to be "ART" or something. Maybe, as one ex-member-who-shall-go-nameless so candidly put it 'back in the day', the whole thing is basically just "a men's club with instruments". With, like, bubbles & stuff. In the end, the truth is that it's really sort of pointless to try & explain, analyze or pigeonhole what The Squirrels do at all. It is what it is, and BOY, what an "IS" it is am be ARE.

$10 advance / $15 day of show

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