Although the name would imply that this artist would be a political rapper, the name was actually given to Ike when he was washing enchilada trays for minimum wage.

The name stuck.

Through active addiction and recovery, Dwisenhower has been writing hip hop and sharpening their skills. With songs ranging from the grime of being homeless,
daily IV drug use, and desperation. To detox romances, halfway house drop outs and eventually lost dreams awakening.

Rebel Base

Sci Fi Stoner Metal from Greenfield, MA

Gods Wisdom

$5 advance - $10 day of show

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Dwisenhower performs trap metal and alternative hip hop. Dwisenhower represents the rebellious mindset of counter-culture while revitalizing the 1950’s street life fashion aesthetic into modern hip-hop. During the 1950’s the media portrayed American life as a happy-go-lucky utopia. On the contrary, The Beat Generation, formed in Greenwich Village of New York City, refused to be part of the mass conformity. They brought attention to the gray flannel suit and tie lies of the mass media, often in a sarcastic way. They assail materialism and call for the unleashing of basic human needs and desires. Dwisenhower brings attention to the false utopia of the modern world.

Rebel Base is Sci Fi Stoner Metal from Greenfield, MA.

Also performing: God’s Wisdom and Daveyboy413.

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