Greenlights, Uneq'ka - Conscious Evolution Music, Endangered Species, Yuri Basho Lane


'Greenlights' represents a culmination of talent brought up in Chicago, otherwise known as the Go! Lots of blood, sweat, and tears went into crafting all the lyrics, concepts, beats, recording, mixing, mastering, and artwork for this compilation

What started as a series of "one-off" tracks, the result of Willow Wells and Homegrown (among many other Rebels!) vibing to the soundscapes provided by Ron P, translated to making more and more music. Then came the eventual question; why not take this project further?

Indeed. From a time span of extended months through the spring and summer of 2013, this formidable trio came together to hone these skills, to focus the craft, and deliver something of substance.

From this point on, Green Means Go. An open road to exploring what one is passionate about. Understanding that, through a world of colors, having faith in oneself and other like-minded individuals often times comes up green; Green To Get going, Green To Never stop, Green To Make, Green To Smoke, Green Revolves Around Us As We Revolve Around It. GREENLIGHTS.

Uneq'ka - Conscious Evolution Music

The twenty-five year old songstress’ goal is to redefine the image of music through her lyrical diversity while transmitting her life experiences, pains and triumphs through her voice. This has proven to be the corner-stone of her inner strength that had fused with her voice to heighten her talent.

Coming from a well-rounded upbringing, she exhibits her talents by streaming through very eclectic genres of music. She is professionally trained in classical, jazz, opera, gospel, and has vast experience in hip-hop and R&B.

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