Christopher Cross

Christopher Cross

Christopher Cross made history with his 1980 self-titled debut album, winning five Grammy
Awards, including—for the first time ever—the four most prestigious awards: Record of the
Year (for the single “Sailing”), Album of the Year, Song of the Year (also for “Sailing”), and Best
New Artist.
Now, 30+ years after his extraordinary emergence into the music business, Cross continues his
recording and performing career with a new album, Take Me As I Am, that evokes the artistry of
such great singer-songwriters as Joni Mitchell and Randy Newman while addressing
contemporary concerns head-on – a combination which is sure to please his loyal fan base.
"Take Me As I Am" is a unique offering from Christopher Cross, a hybrid of sorts – the songs are
instrumentals with choruses to create the lyrical landscape. This is not quite a “guitar” album,
but it leaves the listener with no question about his expertise on the subject. Two very special
songs are “Roberta," dedicated to Christopher’s mentor, Joni Mitchell, and “Truth” with a lyric
by Rob Meurer, one of the last songs Rob wrote before his tragic passing. This song is sung as a
duet with Gigi Worth, a name that will be familiar to Christopher’s fans. Gigi and Rob were also
very close, which makes her performance on this track all the more meaningful. The album
closes with a song in memory of Rob called "Alvah," (Rob’s middle name), which features
beautiful string arrangements by Chris Walden.
In Christopher’s words, “It was a blessing to work with all these talented folks in the making of
this album which holds so many bittersweet emotions for me. I didn't expect to make another
one, but, as Rob reminded me once, it's what we do.”


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