Floater can pull into any town off the beaten path…and draw hundreds of rabid fans from age 5 to 50.” - Casey Jarman, Willamette Week

Bringing back the music revered by their legions of dedicated fans, Floater returns to the stage on the heels of the release of their latest studio album, The Thief. The new record became widely available on May 18th.

With intense and unforgettable live performances, Floater is legendary for their ability to bring music fans out in droves for over two decades. Floater’s sound is rife with progressive rock, psychedelia, reggae and pop.

A rare and truly progressive rock band, Floater is well-known for a sound that creates a push-me, pull-me effect on the audience. The band alternately excites and serenades the crowd with their unique range from high-energy heavy rock numbers to melodious ballads.

Ask any longtime fan, a Floater show is an experience that rivals a rite of passage, blistering the soul with their epic storytelling and engaging stage presence.

Black Magdalene

Black Magdalene is an organic darkwave ensemble, whose soundscape of haunting middle eastern tones and rhythms luxuriously navigate between dark, atmospheric percussion and beautifully intricate instrumentation.

Based in Eugene Oregon, the group was formed Beltane 2011 by Star Wrey of Splendor & the Resistance, Victor St. Petersburg of Defeating the Purpose.

Joining the group for live performances are veteran dancers; Lindy Comrada and Regina Anne. These enchanting ladies weave an ethereal tribal fusion dance spectacle of original choreography inspired by interpretations of the music accompanied by Christopher Pfeffer of Ala Nar on Arabic tabla (doumbek).

$15.00 - $20.00


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