HR of Bad Brains

HR of Bad Brains

Paul "HR" Hudson is best known as the frontman for the iconic punk band Bad Brains. HR and his brother, Earl, together with friends Gary "Dr. Know" Miller and Darryl Jenifer, began as Mind Power, a jazz fusion band, then formed Bad Brains in 1979. With unprecedented speed and precision, Bad Brains took the Washington, DC music scene by storm and quickly became the most influential band in American punk history. They created music that was about closing the racial divide and maintaining a positive mental attitude (PMA). This concept of PMA continues to inspire fans to this day.

Early in his career, after seeing Bob Marley in concert, HR became interested in reggae and the Rastafarian movement. These pursuits transformed him and he began to focus more on the spiritual nature of reggae than the fast lifestyle of the punk scene. Deeply inspired, in 1984 he formed the Human Rights band with his brother.

Having formed a friendship with his mentor, musician Ras Michael, a high priest of the Rastafarian movement, HR was baptized in the late 1980's and named Ras Hailu Gabriel Joseph I. Many people in his life began calling him "Joseph" or "Joe" at this time.

Currently, HR performs with Philadelphia musicians Ezekiel Zagar (original McRad), Josh Freshy, and Wesley Rast as HR & Human Rights: The New Gospel. The band has a refined yet organic energy that hasn't been felt since the early days of Human Rights.

In addition to working on a new solo album with Human Rights, HR has recently* been in the studio with Ty Dolla $ign and Vic Mensa, once again making music history.

To learn more, please see the documentary film "Finding Joseph I" and its companion book "Finding Joseph I: An Oral History of H.R. From Bad Brains", which was released in December 2016.

Pet Lizard

Pet Lizard is a Philadelphia based Jam band that specializes in experimental funk improvisation. With a sound deriving from eclectic influences, Pet Lizard brings to the stage a modern take on the Jam experience. When we get up, you get down.

Mr. Lisp is a 5 peice punk band from the Philadelphia area.

If the bands true roots were to be examined, they would lead back to 2011 in a garage in Doylestown, PA. Mish and Pill recorded the final track on Bourgie Boys, "Plates Outside, but Not in the Rain". A combination of unlistenable electronics and circus noises, it provided the groundwork for their unique sound. In the following years, many of the songs on the album would be written/recorded under different monikers. Songs such as the "Hoochie Hump" and "Jesus was a Necromancer" were written for and performed by different projects put together by the independent members of what would be come Mr. Lisp. In the summer of 2016, Chris and Shane reunited to form the now defunct "rRaticate" which ended up almost killing Chris (vocally.) After various lineup changes, 2017 birthed Mr. Lisp. With a formidable booking and no-stops writing schedule, the group is one of the hardest working bands in the Greater Philadelphia area.

Get Our Minds Right is the bands second full length release. It was written, recorded, mixed and mastered entirely by the band over the span of 2017-2018. The album mainly revolves around themes of existential dread, political animosity, the music scene, birch beer and the Tolkien universe. The title track represents the sound and energy that can be expected throughout the entirety of the ~40 minute release.


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