An Exhumed Films Double Feature

An Exhumed Films Double Feature

If you are tired of the same old Fulci films, join us for two less-known, but amazing, non-horror films, from the Godfather of Gore.

dir. Lucio Fulci, Italy, 1983, 35mm, 88 mins, color

Fulci's attempt to cash in on the popularity of the 80's Sword and Sorcery craze is exactly what you would expect - a gore and boob extravaganza complete with crazy monsters, a half naked villain, and a nearly non-existent plot held together by the aforementioned nonsense!

An Exhumed favorite and a film that we have been trying to show since
Day One!

The Brute and The Beast aka Massacre Time
dir. Lucio Fulci, Italy, 1966, 35mm, 92 mins, color

Franco Nero returns home to find that the entire town and even his own ranch is now run by a psychotic outlaw and his son. Now it is up to Nero and Hilton to take back the town the only way you can in the old west. Starring Franco Nero, George Hilton and Nino Castelnuovo. Directed by Lucio Fulci and written by the great Fernando Di Leo.

Now in its 15th season of programming, Exhumed Films is an independent film cooperative dedicated to the screening of classic horror, cult, and sci-fi films in the Philadelphia area. IHP and Exhumed have partnered for a series of double feature screenings to run throughout 2012-2013. Whether the movies are gruesome or goofy, repulsive or ridiculous, you can be sure that an Exhumed Films double feature is an event not to be missed!



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