Tim and The Anglers, Tell River, Alabaster Adams, Jeffrey Luck Lucas

Tim and The Anglers

Tell River

Tell River is the brainchild of singer-songwriter Adam Diener. The band in its current formation started in Oct of 2012 with the addition of multi-instrumentalist Randolph Charles to the line up along with Adam on vocals, bass player Timothy Leather and drummer Steven Dodds. From their soulful Rock ballads to their Rocking Americana singles, Tell River will bring you through a journey of Love, loss and redemption. Their first full length album “ Rusted Nail” was released late in 2014 to rave reviews. Melding across many genres and eras of the musical spectrum, they are virtually impossible to define into any stereotypical musical category.

Alabaster Adams

Jeffrey Luck Lucas

Two and a half decades later, Lucas leads a considerably more subdued life in San Francisco after he studied cello and composition for several years in Hungary and in the bay area, picked up the middle name "Luck" around the pool table, and created THE LION'S JAW, an album of sublimely arranged chamber noir produced and engineered by studio wizard Desmond Shea (Court & Spark, Neurosis, Dieselhead) and featuring Lucas' hushed yet resonant baritone.

With breathy, deep-toned vocals that sit somewhere between the Velvet Underground and Roy Orbison, THE LION'S JAW is a concept album about the darkness and light of two people in love and contains echoes of Lucas' peripatetic youth spent in California,Texas, Maryland, and Indiana. Lucid strings show off Lucas' gift for composition while Desmond Shea gives the album a rich, rounded sound. In keeping with descriptions of Lucas’ music as “darkly gorgeous, unexpectedly uplifting,” (Dusted Magazine), THE LION’S JAW presents a sultry, obsidian view of love and the risks we take in its name.



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