Bright, determined and refreshingly honest, KnowMads have been a staple in the Seattle music scene since they released their self-titled debut in 2006. Adapting to the times with each successive project, over the past 8 years KnowMadFam has grown into a collective worldwide movement.

In 2012 KnowMads released their most highly acclaimed album, The KnewBook, which rose to #7 on the iTunes charts. KnowMads have worked since to explore their creativity individually, recently releasing respective solo albums; Pepe's Live Good (2013) and Wilson's Jet City (2014). Live Good is laced with modern west coast production and personal narratives reminiscent of Dom Kennedy and Kendrick Lamar. Jet City rides over a golden era east coast sound, with sharp hard-hitting lyrics, along the lines of Action Bronson. Seattle beat maker, Jesse Judd, produced both of these albums along with the majority of KnowMads early catalogue.

Pepe and Wilson have had the opportunity to perform throughout the Northwest, wherein lies their greatest fan-base, as well as garnering new crowds by the thousands. They performed at Bumbershoot Music Festival (2012) and Sasquatch Music Festival (2013), deepening support for the KnowMadFam Movement. Pepe and Wilson have been performing at Seattle venues since they were 16-years-old, coming up in the local rap scene alongside Blue Scholars and Macklemore. They have performed at colleges, bars and venues throughout the country; sharing the stage with artists such as Nipsey Hussle and Chance the Rapper in addition to touring and remaining in constant discourse with their international fanbase. KnowMads hope to expand their reach in the years to come. Keep an eye out for this young vital duo on the rise.

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