Guilty Scapegoat

Guilty Scapegoat

Farr Gone

"Farr Gone - We're an alternative rock band from Ogden, Utah. We started making sweet, sweet music together in December 2016. Each of us come from vastly different musical backgrounds, yet we come together as one to create something that everybody's already heard before. On vocals, we've got the golden spawn of Brendon Urie: Kylar Vierra. On bass, we've got some kid with an afro and a lot of soul: Kip Conger. On guitar, we've got a guy with spicy red hair and no soul: Mitch Henrie. On another guitar, we've got the new kid: Landon Gwynn. And last but not least, on drums we've got some guy who hangs out with four musicians: Jace Nieser. We're drunk on dreams. (2018 State Battle of the Bands Champions.)"


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