Young Stracke All-Stars - Final Performance

Young Stracke All-Stars

Since 2008, Chicago's Young Stracke All-Stars have been building bridges between youth and master musicians and creating performance and social music opportunities for musicians of all ages. The band, made up of youth musicians ages 8 to 14, play music; celebrating the legacy of folk singer and early television star, children's music and education innovator, and co-founder of the Old Town School of Folk Music, Win Stracke. The Young Stracke All-Stars released their debut album, It Was a Dream, in 2014 and will be releasing a 45 record single in the summer of 2018 as part of a year long celebration of 10 years of the band.

Hippocampus Longsword

Hippocampus Longsword, made up of fourth grade students from the Avery Coonley School in Downers Grove, was formed two years ago to perform for the school's annual Heritage Fest. We perform English longsword dances that come from Yorkshire, in the north of England, to live accordion music. The dances combine circling, intricate under-and-over figures where dancers step over and dance under arches made by upraised swords, and showy interlocked stars - our favorite part. The team is coached by Meg Dedolph and Jonathan Whitall, members of Pullman Morris and Sword.

Corky Siegel

Few can claim to have forged an entirely original genre of music, but in 1966, Corky Siegel did just that. Guiding the blues of Howlin’ Wolf and Muddy Waters out of the smoky cavern of Big John’s and onto the stages of the Chicago Symphony, New York Philharmonic and beyond, the harmonica-playing mad scientist had the tuxedo-and-gown crowd on its feet, clamoring for more of this blues-classical alchemy. These days, the harmonica virtuoso and composer is continent-hopping with Indian percussion and string quartet in Corky Siegel’s Chamber Blues, continuing to bring classical and blues fans shoulder-to-shoulder…and obliterating musical categorization in the process. – Doyle Armbrust



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