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CHRISTEENE is a human pissoir of raw unabashed sexuality; a gender-blending, booty-pounding, perversion of punk fully equipped with an arsenal of ferocious music intertwined with raw moments of strained intimacy and fiery stank.
Reports from live shows describe distressed choreography. macabre scenes involving butt plugs tied to bouquets of balloons being released from the singer’s arse, intimate and bizarre confessionals, wardrobes styled from the forgotten scraps of society, and heated communication on the state of the world.

"Pictureplane is Travis Egedy, a 24-year-old electronic producer based in Denver. On his forthcoming album Dark Rift, Egedy takes various strains of dance music-- big room house most prominently-- and runs them through all sorts of scuzzy punk rock filters, bringing the music closer to experimental psych-rock. On the Best New Track 'Goth Star,' Egedy smears distorted bass all over an ethereal Fleetwood Mac sample, creating something that sounds wrong but all the better for it." --Pitchfork


bottoms is Jake Dibeler, Simon Leahy and Michael Prommasit. As co-founder of the annual Bushwig festival, Leahy spearheaded the new "drag explosion" in the Bushwick nightlife scene. Leahy's prior band, teeth, has been listed as one of Karl Lagerfeld's favorites. Dibeler is a performance artist who has toured internationally. bottoms is based out of Brooklyn, NY.



is the performance supergroup of Raul De Nieves, Jessie Stead and Nathan Whipple .

A master blend of punk installation, live show and original music, HARIBO has presented their cross-genre pop-operettas to sold out crowds in New York and internationally. Recent engagements include Performa 11, MoMA PS1, Fitzroy Gallery, Real Fine Arts, Cage, Santos Party House, Styx Gallery and Akershus Kunstsenter. HARIBO have appeared in numerous motion-pictures and will soon release their debut studio LP and several paintings.



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