Anemone is the dream/pop, groovy psychedelic rock recording project of Montreal-based multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Chloé Soldevila with boys Miles Dupire-Gagnon, Zach Irving, Gabriel Lambert and Grégoire Carrier-Bonneau. With a penchant for melodic classicism, 1960's pop rock, airy psychedelia and inspired by California’s waves through an open van window, Anemone is an effortless voyage with love.


We make music that works both for the head and the body, songs that are interesting to listen to on headphones in your bedroom, or to dance your ass off to at a party.

Where Are We

Christopher Ian Brooker (aka Where Are We) is a multi-instrumental juxtaposition. With one hand firmly planted in singing and songwriting and the other lost in patch cables and endless knobs, he manages to capture both the organic texture of the natural world and the cold, digital breath of modern man. His releases range from hypnotic adventures into electronic dissection, to soft spoken songs lilting out of acoustic instruments and reverberated voices. Multiple film scores and experimental records will do that to you though and his newest A/V project In Continuum, leaves none of that influence behind. Swaths of psychedelic synths wash over the audience, as accompanying light and images dance back and forth from his interactive projections. There’s a lot of different routes for musicians to go down but Where Are We has definitely chosen a path of his own.

$8.00 - $10.00



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