Quizz Hoe$

Quizz Hoe$

~Itching to use your Shontelligence???? Do you want to hear a gay man that sounds like Squidward with a sinus infection yell into a microphone for a little under two hours? maybe longer? Are you a Megatron who is scared for their life?? Do you know what a megatron is? Are you honestly mad at me???

...If you answered YES to all of these questions or honestly even some, you are CORDIALLY invited to volume 12 of Quizz Hoe$$, Philly's most unhinged POP DIVA TRIVIA NIGHT celebrating ur fave pop gals from the late 90's, early 00's and NOW!!

(*please note: I am claiming the most unhinged trivia tittle. Philly dot COM can confirm/deny if they want...U kno the addy...pull up anytime.

~But for real, the rumors are so true, Kung Fu Necktie is welcoming me back into their home for the 12th volume of QUIZZ HOE$$ and we honestly couldn't be more nervous!! (running out of ideas)

Walk your god damn cute dog and call some hottie totties over to compete in four rounds of tantalizing and infuriating pop music questions that make you use your SHONTELLIGENCE. Teams should be the size of Cheetah Girls or Danity Kane in any stage of their career MAX. (5 hotties max per team)

~Kung Fu is gracing us with the entire evening again! OHHH WOW!!! "I know, I know...This is a Tuesday, I am employed, I have class, I have a curfew, I'm on house arrest, etc...THROW THAT ALL OUT THE WINDOW and play some trivia, try to rap Nicki Minaj's verse from Lil Freak, practice chair choreography (SAFELY), smoke long cigs as if you are Lana listening to Ultraviolence...

~ Don't cheat ya trashbags! Or use the internet! internet!!!!!!! We will not be getting a new Rihanna album if cheating goes down, plz KNOW THAT.

~ Doors are at 7:30 if you're tryna get a goodie goodie seat but I will probably start questions around 8! Unless people show up late... I'm totally your puppet again so just plz come, I don't want to cry.


WOW, that was a mouthful but seriously tasted so good. But honestly, I encourage everyone to walk their dog and then walk themselves over to Kung Fu for some pop diva trivia and pop tunes and good times!!!




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