Calexico is a band from Tucson, Arizona that shares a sun-bleached border with many performers and musical styles. Comprised of two core members, Joey Burns and John Convertino, Calexico became its own entity in 1996 with the release of the Spoke LP. Although that record marked the band’s first official output, Joey and John had already been playing together as collaborating members of Arizona mainstays Giant Sand. A wide variety of tours, performances (including the Montreux and North Sea Jazz Festivals) and recording sessions as Calexico and with other artists (Neko Case, Victoria Williams, Richard Buckner), as well as their continuing relationship with Giant Sand, allowed the band the opportunity to develop as artists. Over time, Calexico has featured a revolving cast of musicians and instruments, and the band’s sonic growth can be traced through its varied releases.
The band took their name from Calexico, California, a city on the boundary of California and Mexico.

Mellow jazz pop artist in Long Beach, California, USA.




The Suffers are a ten-piece band from Houston, TX who are redefining the sound of Gulf Coast Soul, intertwining elements of Classic American Soul with Rock & Roll. Both sonically and visually arresting, the large ensemble packs each position of the rhythm section and horn section with a level of talent and taste that provides the perfect foundation for singer Kam Franklin’s massive voice. The band’s sincerity and emotion are laid bare in their music, which has garnered an audience so broad and varied that they may prove to be the panacea for a jaded and stratified live music scene.

The Suffers’ ten-piece line up was curated by bassist Adam Castaneda and keyboardist/songwriter/vocalist Pat Kelly in 2011. The pair brought on trumpet player Jon Durbin, trombonist Michael Razo, guitarist Kevin Bernier, and percussionist Jose “Chapy” Luna, all band mates from earlier projects. Filling out the rhythm section are accomplished jazz saxophonist Cory Wilson and songwriting/producing duo Alex Zamora on guitar/vocals and Nick Zamora on drums/vocals. Vocalist/songwriter Kam Franklin, having recently completed a tour with London-based group The Very Best, was recruited to front the band.

In a short time, the band has progressed from packing local Houston venues to accepting invitations for main stage performances at the 20th annual Austin Reggae Festival, Houston’s Free Press Summer Festival, and Paste Magazine’s Untapped Festival where they’ve shared the stage with the likes of The Wailers, Mavis Staples, Alabama Shakes, The Walkmen, and Cat Power. The Suffers have accepted four Houston Press Music Awards in two years and have been listed among the top musical acts to watch in 2014 by the Houston Press and Houston Chronicle. The band’s debut video, a live performance of “Giver,” was recently premiered by Side One Track One following a hugely successful performance during Austin’s Free Week. Work has already begun on a follow-up to their debut 45, which will be a full-length album planned for release in 2015.


New Wave Order is a tribute to the New Wave hits of the 80s. A five-piece band of seasoned musicians that have been in the music industry for years who deliver a exciting, sonically amazing live show. "Our goal is to give you something that sparks your memories and keeps you coming back for more", says front man Jon Zamora. NWO have spent hundreds of hours in their studio making sure they can recreate the sound of New Wave hits as closest to the originals as possible. "By using era specific synthesizers such as the Jupiter 8 and state of the art current gear, we can replicate those specific sounds that are iconic to each song" says synth player Brett Harrison. Add in the spot on vocals of Jon and Meg, and Nick and Charlie's guitar and drum chops and the sonic flashback is complete.

New Wave Order can entertain any size crowd and will leave you with a fun and memorable experience. New Wave Order will put on an amazing show whether it's for a private party or for thousands of people.

See You Soon!

Formed in 2010. Portland Post Punk.

"Playboy Manbay is the breath of fresh air fans of 80's Sitcom Theme Music have been anxiously waiting for." -The New York Times

"Playboy Manbaby, bringing sexy back to the genre of polka," -Rolling Stone

"Panatonic colorsphere of emotion-shapes in sound form," -Pitchfork

"Less scary than fax machines," -Elderly Weekly

"Constantly playing Playboy Manbaby's new album has reduced the amount of times my feline companion defecates on my pillow significantly!" -Cat Fancy



Jerusafunk is Phoenix’s first and only Klezploitation band! Conceived in 2010 by Chris Del Favero (guitar) and Jessie Demaree (clarinet), the nine-piece ensemble seamlessly blends traditional Klezmer with American Funk and other world music genres such as Jazz, Salsa, Samba, Bossa Nova, Cumbia, and Afrobeat. Phoenix New Times says, “Jerusafunk is not only one of the most original bands in town, it's one of the most fun.” 2017 was a busy year for these hip-swaying gypsies: Jerusafunk released their seventy minute self-produced odyssey, The Hierophant, which they followed up with their first east coast tour over the summer. Java Magazine commends the album: "I’m not sure if there are any other Klezploitation bands in the world, but if there are, Jerusafunk should be crowned as the royalty of such a movement." Before that, Jerusafunk assumed the role of music directors and pit band for a live musical presentation of Jim Henson’s Labyrinth called The Goblin King’s City which debuted Comicon weekend 2017 in Phoenix. A new music video is out for one of the catchier tunes off of The Hierophant titled Respect My Lust, and a music video for Mushroom Samba will be released this winter. Since 2015, Jerusafunk has played events such as The Musical Instrument Museum Festival, Apache Lake Music Festival, Phoenix Comicon, Sidepony Express Music Festival, Firefly Music Festival, and the Scottsdale Arts Festival. Jerusafunk has toured all over the country and plays regularly in Phoenix and Flagstaff with bands such as Har Mar Superstar, Phoenix Afrobeat Orchestra, Qais Essar, STIG, and The Lique.

Thank you to all the wonderful musicians who have participated and made this band sound awesome!!!
Spencer Hawley- percussion
Kristen Brock- baritone saxophone
Travis Meyers- tenor saxophone
Mark- drum set
Abigail- accordion
Isaac Parker- Bass
The Royal Taj- percussion
Bryce "Pee Soup" Broome- drumset
Joe Amos- tenor saxophone
Aaron Mortemore- percussion
Sean "The Skelso" Kelso- alto saxophone/ flute/ soprano saxophone
Austin "Ricky Cheese" Rickert- alto saxophone
Molly "Catshit" "Chip Tickler" Parker- guitar
Elliot Fox- tenor saxophone/flute/bass clarinet
Jeremy "Gilgamesh" "Jerry Bolony" Lentz- drumset
Brandon "Mr. Much" Minch- percussion
Connor "Coco Connie Leroy Jr." Sample- percussion
Caleb Michel- percussion
Torrey "Magic-Man Toto" MacDannald- trumpet
Saul Millan- Trombone
Alan "Alonso Bean" Acosta- alto, clarinet, flute


Calumet recalls the sounds of some of it's members previous efforts (Alone at 3AM, 500 Miles to Memphis, The Frankl Project) but looks to the beginnings of american music for its inspiration. The result is catchy and comfortable, familiar like you've met before, but rest assured you haven't.


Phoenix's ALL-Female Mariachi!

Rob Kolars - Vocals, Guitar, Piano, Keys, Percussion
Lauren Brown - Drums, Tap, Arranger


Andy Phipps, Zack Parker, Matthew Tanner, Eamon Ford, John Josiah Hernandez


▲ illuminati hotties ▲

pioneering tenderpunk in the sprawl of LA and trying not to break too many hearts along the way

"...[Strange Lot] formed in July 2014 after Dominic Mena decided to turn his bedroom project into a full-fledged psych rock outfit with the addition of drummer Tim Lormor and bassist David Dennis. It wasn’t long before they were garnering lots of local love behind their Walk of the Sun EP, released just a month after forming. Now, they’re sending psychedelic waves out from their Phoenix home to the rest of the world with their debut full-length, Another Mind.

Preceded by singles “Right With Your Pain” and “Into the Night”, the 10-track effort comes baked and crispy from the Arizona climate. Mena covers his vocals in dusty reverb, the kind that brings to mind hot, sandy roads rising up in ripples towards blue and yellow skies. Dennis’ bass lines span the gamut of altered states, from the pleasant amble of “Supremium” to the spiraling insanity of “Erthqke”. Thanks to Lormor’s loose wrists, the cymbal-heavy drum sections pummel the brain without ever battering it, softening it just enough to accept the reverberation of the swirling guitars.

With hints of early Tame Impala and Mac DeMarco’s nonchalance, the record encapsulates a young band discovering their sound in a pressure-free environment. The three musicians allow themselves to take it easy on their songs, giving moods the time and space to roll along in their natural way."

- Consequence of Sound


One of Tucson's newest and most promising young acts, Mute Swan brings you crisp, heavy hitting psych rock for fans of Black Angels, Tame Impala, & more... These guys are not to be missed!

Former members of The Smashing Pumpkins, Light FM, Wax Idols and Tennis System serve up cotton candy at a beach bonfire for Goth kids.


There’s a certain power to music, a magic that allows the listener to be transported into a new place where their fears and needs are understood. It’s that spellbinding quality that’s at the root of Hazey Eyes and his new EP, ‘Some Reason’, a record that’s as much a comfort blanket as it is a cushion to sit back and reflect on past and future experiences.
Growing up between Philadelphia and New Jersey, the twenty-one year old artist is classically trained in a slew of instruments: from violin to piano to upright bass. “When I was a kid I hated practicing,” Thomas explains, but he was pushed onward by a musical family (his dad plays saxophone, clarinet and piano) eventually ending up being rated in the Top 5 players in his state.
Music began early for Hazey Eyes. As well as his work in the classical world, in high school he formed a heavy metal band. Though it’s a far cry from the subtle, relaxing sound he makes now, the name Hazey Eyes is a subtle nod to his heavier background – it’s taken from a lyric in the first chorus on Taking Back Sunday’s debut album.
Once high school was over Thomas moved to university, where he studied to become an electrical engineer. At this point the EDM bubble in the United States had yet to burst and he became entrenched in the burgeoning scene. “I started producing with my metal band but I didn’t try any other instrumentation beside guitar bass and drums. When I went to college I heard electronic music and it changed my palette.”
Though there are subtle nods to his electronic background in the music, Hazey Eyes sits in a place of his own – one of comforting reflection, somewhere between the hours when night time begins and the day ends, all compliment with strings hinting at his orchestral background. “Writing music is a way for me to blow off steam,” he says. “I come home from work and play the piano and see what comes out. I don’t open Ableton with a goal in mind. I think it’s really important to let my ears guide me.”
The result is an EP centered firmly in the realm of heartbreak. “It’s focused on relationships, the darker side of them,” Thomas says, hinting at each of the tracks on the record. “ If you know me personally I’m an upbeat person but this is the outlet for when I’m by myself, personal reflecting on things. It’s a little bit of reflection in the darkness.”
Completed with a selection of vocalists Thomas scouted out via Soundcloud – “I take pride in the random messages I send on there” – it’s a record of full vision, coloured with the shifting pain and revelation that comes with being heartbroken and left to pick up the pieces of something that’s been lost.
Title track “Some Reason”, featuring FEELDS, is at the root of the fall out. “Let something be my light,” he sings above a subtle rhythm that slowly builds into an emotional crescendo. It’s not exactly EDM as anyone has known it before, it’s a slightly different moniker: Emotional Dance Music. Finger clicks, synths, piano, cymbals, everything builds to the final statement: “for some damn reason”.
“My first EP I didn’t get a chance to work with any vocalists,” Thomas says of his decision to bring singers on board. “I’m a lot more interested these days in the whole meaning of a song, the story they have and the message they can portray.” As the EP builds we begin to get a sense of the changing emotion with third track “Skyline” seeing singer Claire Ridgely ask to be “lifted up above the skyline”. It’s a uniquely euphoric moment, tinged with the sadness of the past and a desire to be moved forward. Meanwhile closing track “Run For” – which Thomas created on Christmas Day and features Violet Skies – ends with a satisfying and triumphant conclusion, a powerful knowledge about a relationship’s end, sandwiched between orchestral strings.
Life can often throw curveballs, upending a once-pleasant situation and clouding it with darkness. In these times the music of Hazey Eyes is important: a way to feel less alone, to reconsider things, to even find a kind of happy solace in the sadness – all of which is important to move forward. Part of that comes from his heavy metal background, some of it comes from his dabbling with EDM. Ultimately however, this is a new sound, a new feeling – a fresh light on the world.

Since 2012, Bret Bender and Madeleine Miller have been creating emotionally complex, evocative synth pop under the moniker Bogan Via.

They exploded on the burgeoning Arizona music scene playing house shows and opening for touring acts like Twin Shadow, Little Dragon, and WHY?. Some of their first home recordings attracted the attention of Consequence of Sound and local record label Common Wall who signed the band later that year. The resulting studio EP, Wait Up, was named in the Top Ten albums for the year by the Phoenix New Times and was praised by COS for exploring “...Gary Numan-style hypnotic pop territory.”

After their successful debut, the band moved to Los Angeles to allow Madeleine to pursue her first love of acting. While Maddie went on auditions Bret began to carve out what was to be the material for their second EP, Madly. The album, more upbeat and “reminiscent of early Phantogram”, featured danish singer Kirstine Stubbe Teglbjaerg” whom the band had met and collaborated with at Red Bull studios in Copenhagen. After a slew of tours the band decided to take a small break when later that year all of their gear was stolen out of their tour van after playing a festival in San Francisco. They had written and recorded demos for their first full length album and it was all gone in one afternoon.

Bound and determined to get the music out there, they both scoured old emails until they had some version of everything they had intended to release and Boganvialand finally emerged. Inspired by their conflicting views of the horror genre, Boganvialand taps into a gothic nostalgia that uniquely works its way into every song. KEXP called it “thoughtful, melancholic pop miniatures, laced with strong vocal harmonies akin to Dirty Projectors.” With the help of their fans and this new album they replaced the stolen gear and were soon back at on stage opening for The Operators for a North American tour.

For the last year and a half Bogan Via have been playing shows close to home while crafting their latest release, Tough to Kill (due out Dec 7). The two recorded everything in their home studio in Hollywood
and mixed with long time friend/ producer Le Tronz back in Phoenix.

The tracks weave in and out of genres with a heavy hand of hip hop and synth pop gluing it all together. “This record is actually quite upbeat despite the aching of self reflection and doubt that runs throughout the tracks.” Bret reflects. The album was inspired by the grit, chaos, and brief moments of beauty in the alcohol soaked alley ways of Los Angeles. Themes of heartbreak, mental health, and morality infuse the LP with colorful highs and undercurrents of melancholy.

"Jerry Paper" is the entity that inhabits Lucas W. Nathan's body when he is grooving."


Citrus Clouds are Erick Pineda, Stacie Huttleston and Anthony Jarero. Formed in West Phoenix in 2014. Citrus Clouds play melodic, shoegazey dream pop.

4 doods makin tunes with a cute cat



We’re transforming 2nd Avenue and Crescent Ballroom into a LIVE MUSIC and BURRITO heaven:

  • 4 stages
  • 25 bands from all over the world
  • Over 50 burritos and samples from local food vendors: Ladera Taverna y Cocina, East Coast Joes, Different Smokes BBQ, Hummus Xpress, Marcel Waffles, Dang Brother Pizza, Cocina 10, Triple Dot Food, Paletas Betty, Elote Man AZ, Churro Go Nutz & more!
  • Beers and cocktails, featuring the Casa Blanco Margarita & Crescent Ballroom Red Sangria)!
  • Live Lucha Libre wrestling!
  • Lawn games!

Upcoming Events
Crescent Ballroom