Join us on Saturday March 9th for the Flying Burrito Music & Food Festival 2019! We’re transforming 2nd Avenue and Crescent Ballroom into a LIVE MUSIC and BURRITO haven!

CALEXICO (performing Flying Burrito Bros & Gram Parsons)

Calexico is a Tucson, Arizona based band which has, for the better part of two decades, crossed musical barriers, embracing a multitude of styles, variety in instrumentation, and well-cultivated signature sounds. With their most recent record Edge of the Sun they take inspiration from a trip to a place surprisingly unexplored by the band before in Mexico City, and with the benefit of many friends and comrades to help guide the way.

21 Year old bedroom producer hails from Long Beach, California. The crooner composes all of the music himself using only his computer and the collection of instruments in his garage.


A Brief Introduction to Sergio Mendoza y la Orkesta, featuring Salvador Duran It’s a safe bet that most of us haven’t heard the term “Indie Mambo” to describe a group before now, because such a style simply did not exist until young Sergio Mendoza invented it in late 2009, in Tucson, Arizona. The impetus? Mendoza was participating in an annual benefit event held at the world famous Club Congress, called ‘The Great Cover-Up,’ and had chosen the legendary Cuban bandleader Perez Prado as his coveree, as the rules of the event dictated. But combining that influence, as well as Cumbia and other Latin styles, with psychedelia-tinged rock music proved to be a formula that was extremely palatable, nay – savory, to Arizona music fans and Mendoza’s fellow musicians. Mendoza had long paid his dues in various redoubts of the greater Tucson music scene – first with the crowd-pleasing Latin-influenced rock group The Jons and then with his own combo Seven to Blue, where he first got to spread his wings as a songwriter and bandleader. Over the next three or four years he did several stints with professional Salsa and dance units, like the high-energy Latin dance group Descarga, and started to, as he puts it, “really get schooling for Latin music as a piano player.” In 2007 Mendoza was asked to be an emergency sub and then became a regular player in the domestic incarnation of Calexio. With Calexico, Mendoza has played the Rhode Island Folk Festival, the World Music Festival in Chicago (at the Frank Gehry-designed Pritzker Pavilion), the 2010 iteration of Vive Latino in Mexico City, and countless shows throughout the Southwest and elsewhere. Lest you consider it grandiose to call such a group an “orchestra,” you must bear in mind the deadly assemblage of supporting talent that bears that moniker: a six(?)-member horn section-two drummers that put so much energy into Y La Orkesta’s polyrhythms; a Latin Jimi Hendrix of a lead guitarist (Brian Lopez, whose other gig is as leader of the rock group Mostly Bears), who is a great composer and singer in his own right; and the secret weapon of y la Orkesta, the great Salvador Duran. Duran moved to Tucson from Cananea, Sonora, Mexico. Soon enough he was invited to play with Calexico in various incarnations and on various projects, including lead vocals on the title track of Calexico’s joint EP with Iron and Wine, In The Reins, as well as a haunting contribution on their cover of “The Guns of Brixton” on the iTunes exclusive “Live Session” EP. He has also recorded with Willie Nelson on the song “Senor,” which was released on the soundtrack for Todd Haynes’ brilliant “I’m Not There” Bob Dylan biopic. But it is as the featured player in Y La Orkesta that Salvador has found the true milieu for his genius as a singer, performer, and, shall we say, ham. He serves as the perfect foil to Mendoza’s suave, mannered bandleading, lending a somewhat manic and almost comic gloss to the proceedings when he’s not pulling your heartstrings with his otherworldly resonant baritone. Words do not do justice to the alchemy that this combination of performers can conjure up – it is something to be heard, and witnessed, and most importantly, felt. The good news is, this is a band that is going places both physically and metaphorically. With a debut album due to be released in March of 2011, this is no doubt the first of many times you’ll be hearing about a little phenomenon known as “Indie Mambo.” Sergio Mendoza Y La Orkesta featuring Salvador Duran – lengthy name, yes; over-wordy, perhaps. Memorable? Indeed.


On her debut album This Time, L.A.-based singer/songwriter Donna Missal shows the elegant collision of elements at play in her music: a poet’s command of tone, a soul singer’s boundless intensity, a bedroom musician’s willful embracing of intimacy and experimentation. Along with channeling the raw passion she first ignited by playing in rock bands in her homeland of New Jersey, This Time expands on the melodic ingenuity displayed in recent singles like “Driving” and “Thrills.” Above all the album is a testament to the sheer force of Missal’s voice, a dynamic but delicate instrument that achieves a beautifully nuanced expression even as she belts her heart out.

With its title taken from a track Missal co-wrote with her frequent collaborator Sharon Van Etten, This Time is an uncompromisingly honest look at living entirely on your own terms. “I’ve spent most of my life being hyper-focused on time, which I think is something that a lot of women obsess over,” says Missal. “We’re in such a rush to make things happen, when really we should take the time to figure out what we actually want out of life. And even though it’s so fucking hard to have that kind of patience, I think it’s so important to believe in yourself enough to let things develop in a way that feels right to you.”

Produced by Tim Anderson (Solange, BANKS, Halsey), This Time matches that defiant spirit with a sound inspired by the rule-bending sensibilities of mixtape culture. Blending elements of soul and hip-hop and rock-and-roll, Missal shaped This Time’s sonic landscape partly by laying live recordings down on tape, then sampling those recordings to imbue her songs with a fresh yet timeless energy. Much of that live recording took place at the iconic Different Fur Studios in San Francisco, with the sessions headed up by Missal and Nate Mercereau (a musician known for his work with Leon Bridges). “I really wanted this album to reference my history of playing in bands,” Missal points out. “It’s all these very pure, talented musicians playing together in a room, but then we took that and sampled it and altered in a way that creates something totally new.”

Throughout the album, Missal brings her time-warping but gracefully arranged sound to songs that capture the most specific of emotions. Crafting her lyrics with the kind of idiosyncratic detail that instantly etches each line onto your heart, Missal explores self-empowerment on tracks like “Transformer”—a fiercely charged anthem about “having the courage to take what you want from life, without apology.” On “Thrills,” with its softly swaying groove and dreamy guitar tones, Missal’s voice soars and shatters as she muses on self-love and sexual confidence. “‘Thrills’ is about owning what makes you real,” says Missal. “There is a shift happening in our societal standards of beauty and sexuality, and the more we embrace our flaws the closer we become to effecting real change. I’d love for people to hear the song — and not just women, but anyone who feels disenfranchised— and remember that being sexy and confident comes from self-acceptance.”

Elsewhere on This Time, Missal infuses social commentary into songs like “Girl”: a stripped-back yet intricately textured track that unfolds with both gentle playfulness and piercing vulnerability. “I wanted to address this idea that women need to be pinned against each other in order to succeed, or need to point out the flaws in other women just to feel good about themselves,” says Missal. “That kind of thinking has been around forever, and it doesn’t feel like it’s going away—but the more we talk about it, the better it’s going to get.” And on “Driving,” Missal delivers one of the album’s most mesmerizing moments, with her flowing melody, hypnotic rhythms, and ethereal vocals merging with a quiet grandeur that’s simultaneously escapist and inspiring. “‘Driving’ is about being on the precipice of taking control over your life—that feeling of seeing something you want in the distance and making the decision to go for it,” says Missal. “It’s about saying ‘Even if it takes a long time, or I hit some bumps along the way, it’s all okay because I’m the one behind the wheel.’”

From song to song on This Time, Missal shows a natural musicality she credits to her father, a former session drummer and songwriter who ran his own studio in Manhattan. Born in New York, Missal moved with her family to New Jersey as a kid, and grew up playing with the vintage microphones and 16-track tape machine her dad kept in the basement. “Every year he’d have us make Christmas albums for my grandparents,” recalls Missal, who’s one of six children. “We’d go out and buy these instrumental CDs of Christmas songs and he’d record us singing over it, and as we got older we moved onto making our own arrangements and playing the instruments ourselves,” says Missal. “It was my first experience in singing and I just fell in love with it.”

When Missal was 10, her parents enrolled her and her siblings in a summer program at a local community theater, mainly as a way for the home-schooled family to interact with other kids. That program immediately sparked a love of performance in Missal, and helped her to develop the remarkable vocal range that now gives her music so much vitality. During her high school years she joined a theater program at a vocational school in a nearby town, but decided against furthering her education at a conservatory. “I was looking at all these schools that cost up to 40 thousand dollars a semester, and it just didn’t feel right,” Missal says. “Senior year I told my teacher that I didn’t think that was my path, so he graduated me four months early, and then I joined a rock band.”

Missal stuck with her band for several years, first playing basement shows around New Jersey and later booking gigs in Manhattan. As the band’s lyricist, she discovered a deep love of songwriting, and dedicated herself to honing her craft. Eventually moving to Brooklyn, Missal balanced her time between bartending and writing, and soon came up with “Keep Lying”—a soulful slow-burner showcasing her full-throated vocal delivery. “At the time I was struggling to understand what I wanted to do with my music,” says Missal. “I didn’t have the confidence yet to stand behind my vision, so I thought I could get other artists to cut my songs and just thrive that way.” Although she’d initially planned to use “Keep Lying” as part of her effort to score a publishing deal, Missal ultimately self-released the demo and landed it in the hands of Zane Lowe, who premiered it on Beats 1 (and, in turn, helped push the demo to the top of Spotify’s Viral charts).

While record companies quickly came calling, Missal decided to focus on refining her vision, in part by working with a series of co-writers and producers. After finding a strong creative chemistry with Tim Anderson, she moved to L.A. and brought This Time to life by way of a deliberately unhurried process. “I allowed myself a lot of time to figure out what I wanted to say and how I wanted to say it, and because of all that I ended up making a record that really reflects who I am,” she notes.

Having signed her deal with Harvest Records in early 2018, Missal has also recently appeared as a featured artist on Macklemore’s GEMINI, written songs for the Netflix original series The Get Down, and supported K.Flay at a pair of sold-out shows. And with the release of This Time, one of her greatest hopes is for the album to impart the same sense of self-discovery that informed its creation. “This isn’t a record about love and loss and relationships,” Missal says. “It’s about taking chances for yourself, figuring out who you are and really standing behind that. I made a point of putting myself out there as a real person navigating this life at this moment in time, because I want to do whatever I can as an artist to help people feel more confident in navigating their own lives. I’d love for the listener to receive the message that you can take your time to learn and love yourself. That’s been the most important discovery that I want to share with this album.”


A soul band based in Houston

Formed in 2010. Portland Post Punk.


We hail from the land of Tempe. We have come to burn down your village.

Barry Hazen: Guitar/Mandolin
Chris Hudson: Bass
David Cosme: Trumpet
Steven Potter: Accordion/Keyboard
Robbie Pfeffer: Vocals
Anthony Thrailkill: Drums
Eryn Wise: Important
Jonathan Speak: Trombone
Greg Benenett: Pedals


Jessie Demaree - Clarinet/ Bass Clarinet/Vocals
Chris Del Favero - Guitar/Vocals
Elliott Fox- Tenor Saxophone/Bass Clarinet/Flute
Ricky Smash- Alto Saxophone
Joe Amos- Tenor Saxophone
Torrey McDannald- Trumpet
Isaac Parker- Bass
Zack Parker- Guitar
Brandon Minch- Percussion
Caleb Michel- Percussion & Drum Set
Jeremy Lentz- Drum Set
Bryce Broome- Drum Set
Josh Santa Cruz- Drum Set


Calumet was formed by Eric "ET" Mobley (v/g/k) and Jason "JJ" Mitchell (g) in 2001, with Ian "En" White (b) and Brandon Amos (d). Over the next two years the lineup would change to include Chris "Basshead" Starks (b) and Joel "Boodat" Phillips (d). The band released their 2002 debut album, "Retro Energy" and played shows around Arizona, including stints at Martini Ranch, Livingston's, and numerous other nightclubs and restaurants. During the next 7 years, several more personnel changes took place, including the addition of Marvin "Marvin" Scott (s) and a number of the Valley's best musicians. The band performed at clubs, festivals, and opened up for Al Green before going on hiatus in 2009. Calumet was reborn in 2018 by Eric and Jason, and features Michael Williams (b), Jeff Pivin (d), Rich Cross (t), and early members Ian (now on percussion) and Marvin. The band looks forward to bringing old-school funk with a splash of newer jams to clubs and parties in the near future.

Rob Kolars - Vocals, Guitar, Piano, Keys, Percussion
Lauren Brown - Drums, Tap, Arranger

"Jerry Paper" is the entity that inhabits Lucas W. Nathan's body when he is grooving."


This Phoenix, Arizona post-rock quartet keep listeners on their toes as they mix dreamy atmospheric sounds with subtle fuzzy noise. Rich, resonant bass and delicate, driving percussion prevent songs from droning off into oblivion; courtesy of bassist Jordan Owen and drummer Chris Gerber. Dual guitarist/vocalists Sophie Opich and Colson Miller trade off as they deliver droney distorted guitars and vocals calm, cool, and collected enough to come off as almost apathetic if it weren’t for the stirring feeling of earnestness that lay just below the surface. Some moments feel fraught, almost like a dull anxiety-- found on “Affection” and “Something to You”, which both convey a profound sense of yearning for more. Emotional odes to the past “Erase Time” and “Think of Me None” showcase a distinct tenderness.

Pro Teens is a grungy, retro pop band born in the concrete desert of Phoenix, Arizona. Since their formation in 2014, Andy Phipps (vocals/guitar), Matthew Tanner (drums), Zack Parker (bass) have been staples of the band, seeing a rotating cast of talent from the Phoenix music scene over the years. Their newest members Kalebh Ryals (guitar), and B Bohannon (synth/organ) added in 2018, are solid and refreshing additions to the newly reformed Pro Teens.

Their first album, self-titled Pro Teens, was released in September 2015, bright and buzzing with electric charm. Pro Teens’ sound finds the middle ground between pop and garage punk, a sundazed sound constructed from shimmering guitars, catchy rhythms, and robust vocals with undeniable character. Bright guitar riffs and bouncing bass lines are reminiscent of 50’s/60’s surf rock and rock ‘n’ roll, with a gritty and unique southwestern flare. Pro Teens have consistently written new music in between their tours.

Unafraid of experimentation, Pro Teens curates songs that are full of whimsy and energy with every turn. Released in July of 2016, Accidentally shows us a softer, dreamier side of Pro Teens. While sticking to their roots of garage rock/punk, the group shows their ability to embrace dream pop and make it their own.


Tenderpunk pioneers from Los Angeles


"...[Strange Lot] formed in July 2014 after Dominic Mena decided to turn his bedroom project into a full-fledged psych rock outfit with the addition of drummer Tim Lormor and bassist David Dennis. It wasn’t long before they were garnering lots of local love behind their Walk of the Sun EP, released just a month after forming. Now, they’re sending psychedelic waves out from their Phoenix home to the rest of the world with their debut full-length, Another Mind.

Preceded by singles “Right With Your Pain” and “Into the Night”, the 10-track effort comes baked and crispy from the Arizona climate. Mena covers his vocals in dusty reverb, the kind that brings to mind hot, sandy roads rising up in ripples towards blue and yellow skies. Dennis’ bass lines span the gamut of altered states, from the pleasant amble of “Supremium” to the spiraling insanity of “Erthqke”. Thanks to Lormor’s loose wrists, the cymbal-heavy drum sections pummel the brain without ever battering it, softening it just enough to accept the reverberation of the swirling guitars.

With hints of early Tame Impala and Mac DeMarco’s nonchalance, the record encapsulates a young band discovering their sound in a pressure-free environment. The three musicians allow themselves to take it easy on their songs, giving moods the time and space to roll along in their natural way."

- Consequence of Sound is the sonic brainchild of Los Angeles based photographer and visual artist Jeff Fribourg.

Fribourg developed his love affair with synthesizers as a founding member of LA psych-kraut favorites Froth.

However, it is with that he fully explores his eclectic musical inclinations.
elements of punk, shoegaze and post-punk, never committing to a singular worldview. less

Experimental Shoegaze band from Tucson, Arizona.


Former members of The Smashing Pumpkins, Light FM, Wax Idols and Tennis System serve up cotton candy at a beach bonfire for Goth kids.

Bogan Via is Bret Bender and Madeleine Miller. Their unique electronic sound comes to life comes to life with old synthesizers, dark overtones, and thick harmonies.
Bogan Via has made a quite a mark on the scene, quickly playing packed shows including a European tour and festival appearances at: SXSW, Neon Desert, Culture Collide, Treefort, & Insomnia. Bogan Via’s ability to win over fans with their unique sound has already earned them opening spots for the likes of: Halsey, Phantogram, Little Dragon, Glass Animals, Todd Terje, and many more.
For now, Bogan Via’s graceful and danceable indie rock is still under the radar, but they are quickly rising to the surface, bringing their melodies and pulsating beats with them.


Though there are subtle nods to his electronic background in the music, Hazey Eyes sits in a place of his own – one of comforting reflection, somewhere between the hours when night time begins and the day ends, all compliment with strings hinting at his orchestral background. “Writing music is a way for me to blow off steam,” he says. “I come home from work and play the piano and see what comes out. I don’t open Ableton with a goal in mind. I think it’s really important to let my ears guide me.”


Citrus Clouds are Erick Pineda, Stacie Huttleston and Angelica Pedrego. Formed in West Phoenix in 2014 (with original drummer Anthony Jarero). Citrus Clouds play melodic, shoegazey dream pop.


Phoenix's ALL-Female Mariachi!

4 dudes in Tempe making danceable beach & indie rock - reminiscent of Mac Demarco, Beach Fossils, and The Buttertones,


Phoenix New Wave tribute band, playing classic tracks and deep cuts from all your favorites, including: New Order, Joy Division, Depeche Mode, and more!

$16 ($21 at the door - box office on 2nd Ave)


Join us March 9th for the Flying Burrito Music & Food Festival 2019!

4pm • All Ages

We’re transforming 2nd Ave & Crescent Ballroom into a LIVE MUSIC & BURRITO haven:

Over 50 burritos & samples from local food vendors: Los Jeztecos, Panda Libre, East Coast Joes, Different Smokes BBQ, Hummus Xpress, Marcel Waffles, Dang Brother Pizza, Cocina 10, Elote Man AZ, Churro Go Nutz, Hidden Track Cafe, Jobot Coffee & Bar, & many, many more!

  • 4 Stages
  • Over 25 Bands: Bane's World (Long Beach), Orkesta Mendoza (AZ), Calexico, Donna Missal (LA), The Suffers (Houston), Playboy Manbaby (AZ), Soft Kill (PDX), & more
  • Beers & cocktails
  • Live Lucha Libre wrestling
  • Lawn games

Presented by Downtown Phoenix, Inc. & Crescent Ballroom

Sponsored in part by Psyko Steve

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