James Supercave

James Supercave

Rich, brilliant, and jaw-droppingly handsome. The young Americans behind James Supercave don’t go to Church, they are the church. Bound by a quest to unfuckthe world whilst maximizing personal burrito consumption, the trio has surrendered their lives to the musical overlords, channeling sonic visions and summoning for all within earshot the spiritual escape hatch from their terrestrial monotony. Use the Supercave at your own risk. Batteries not included.

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We are a band from New York City who is always writing new music, mostly in tiny rooms with traffic light views. Our intention is to bring these sounds to a much bigger space, preferably a stage, with lights, where the living really happens. Ya.. the live show is where it can get weird; never normal. Who needs normal? Isn't that what we're all trying to escape?

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